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Showdown in the House: Petraeus/Crocker Testimony Update: Dems Pounded for MoveOn Ad; Update: Fiasco...Microphones Broken...Hecklers Run Amok; 1:45pm Eastern Update: Petraeus Interrupted by Hecklers Whom Dems Refused to Remove Before His Testimony Began; Mid-July 2008....Drawdown of 15 BCTs Expected; Update: Crocker Interrupted...The Fiasco Continues
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Update: 4:26pm Eastern. USAToday’s Mark Memmott is trying to get Dems on record regarding the smear. So far: Two non-response responses from Obama and Clinton’s offices.

More reax “The Peace Racket,” you should. This is what we are up against, people.

And milblogger Austin Bay weighs in on the testimony today, using the microphone failure as a metaphor.

Update 2:33pm Eastern. Here it is…the face of the Democrat Party. They’ve done virtually nothing to disassociate themselves from it. They made their bed. Lie in it:




Ambassador Crocker was also interrupted by the Pinkos. Cindy Sheehan was arrested. Amateur hour in the House continues.

2:25pm Eastern. Video of the Code Pinkos’ removal from the hearing room.

Full transcript of Petraeus testimony. Slides here.

1:45pm Eastern. Petraeus is interrupted by hecklers while reviewing the success in Anbar. Rep. Skelton was warned about these thugs before the testimony began. Instead of listening to GOP panel members’ warnings, he snapped at them. What a disgrace.

To summarize, the security situation is improving…The strategy: “Security while transitioning.” No “rush to failure.” Notes the need to fight on the ground and on the Internet. Gen. Petraeus projects draw-down of some 15 Battalion Combat Teams that were part of the surge.

1:29pm Eastern. Recess is over. Skelton warns protesters they’ll be removed. Gen. Petraeus has the floor. “This is my testimony…I wrote this testimony myself.” The military objectives of the serve are mostly being met…the tribal rejection of al Qaeda that started in Anbar has spread to other regions as well…by next summer, a reduction of surge levels achieavable without compromising security…”

1:23pm Eastern. A five-minute recess is called…before the testimony even begins…to fix the damned microphones. Talk about a “fiasco.” Un. Freaking. Believable.

1:17pm Eastern. Well, terrific. Gen. Petraues is supposed to be speaking, but the microphones aren’t working. Meanwhile, there’s a heckler loose in the hearing room. The world is watching the clown Democrats.

GOP Rep. Dan Burton tells Rep. Skelton to remove the hecklers. Apparently, according to mumbling, there are at least 10 protesters with signs.

1:10pm Eastern. GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also pounds the Dems for the MoveOn smear. The silence of the Dems is deafening.

Speaking in defense of Gen. Petraeus: Retired Colonel Joe Repya.

12:57pm Eastern. A grown-up speaks…GOP Rep Duncan Hunter references the attacks on Petraeus’s character. Duty, honor, country. Those are the principles by which are officers derive their careers and based their careers on…Frankly, Mr. Chairman, the idea that we have spent the week prepping the battlefield attacking the messenger, goes against the honor of this House.


Hunter excoriates the MoveOn disgrace and counterattacks Tom “Fiasco” Lantos. DH: “I think it’s an outrage…bashing the credibility of a general officer whose trademark is integrity, who was unanimously supported in the Senate, and also, Mr. Crocker, who brings an outstanding, unblemished record in the State Dept. to this position.” Hunter counterattacks Lantos on the signficiance of the Anbar awakening.

12:45pm Eastern. You know, there are no shortage of problems with the Maliki government, but I’m getting a little sick of the meme, repeated several times just now by Democrat Rep. Ike Skelton, that the Iraqis aren’t doing anything to help themselves. It’s bull. Read Bill Ardolino’s latest dispatches from Fallujah. See also our Baghdad video report, “Iraqis speak to America.”


The hearing begins at 12:30pm. Live audiocast here.

Forget MoveOn. Michael Yon says listen to battalion commanders.

Michael Totten reports on Ramadi.

Worth a re-read: Bryan Preston’s post, “Assessing Iraq,” published after we returned from our embed in January.

The far Left is spitting mad at the Dems:

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun magazine, posted the transcript Friday on the website of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, of which he is a co-chair.

The transcript shows that opponents of the war in Iraq plan to try to convince freshman Democrats from conservative districts that they might not get reelected unless the party produces something serious in the way of resistance to the war.

But the call shows the war opponents are having little success because of fears about the impact on next year’s elections if the party is seen as defeatist.

I’ll have more thoughts/liveblogging as the hearing commences. Let’s hear yours.

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