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Which Path Will We Take: Fight or Surrender?
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8:50am Eastern. Moonbats have turned out in Australia to protest President Bush’s visit. Here’s your second photo of the day. Makes me appreciate PM John Howard’s stalwart support for the U.S. all the more:


More on Howard vs. the protesters here.



The photo of the morning comes from reader John M., who e-mailed: “I am sending you a picture of graffiti that was photographed in Sacramento California on the I 80 on-ramp heading east to Reno. It first read “Stop the War.” Someone did what I wanted to do and crossed out the stop and added ‘Win’ in front.”

Which will it be?

Across the country, ordinary Americans–I’m talking about grass-roots activists without George Soros funding–are gearing up to bring the fight over the war to Washington. Summer’s over. Iraq tops the agenda as Congress returns. Next week will bring a historic clash of activists. Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward are on their way, leading a cross-country caravan. Check out the driving route to see if they’ll be stopping by a town near year on their journey to answer the ANSWER mob. Catherine Moy reports that Democrat Party organs ain’t happy. Eagles are preparing. Vets for Freedom are mobilizing.

The Victory Caucus is asking for your signature on a petition urging Washington to “Stand By the Mission:”

General Petraeus and the new U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, will report to Congress in mid-September on the American effort. We urge our nation’s leaders to:

Recognize the importance of fighting and defeating al-Qaeda, wherever they can be found, not least in Iraq;

Consider the testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker with an open mind and without regard for partisan politics;

Recognize the significant threat to U.S. national security that a hasty retreat or a made-in-Washington timetable for withdrawal from Iraq would generate; and

Listen to the U.S. service members who willingly sacrifice to protect our country and who do not want defeat legislated in Washington so long as American troops are on the battlefield.

America has a chance to strike a serious blow against terrorism and the ideologies that drive terrorism. By contrast, the defeat of the United States would embolden terrorists, making the world a more dangerous place for Americans and consigning the people of Iraq and the Middle East to a perilous future.

We urge you to support our troops by giving them the resources and time they need to successfully complete their mission.

Sign here.


Want to know what’s going on on the ground? Read Badgers Forward. And Mudville Gazette’s Dawn Patrol.

The MNF-I page, which you should always check regularly, is here.

Troop combat deaths are down. It won’t make Katie Couric’s newscasts.


McQ at Q&O outlines the reasons for the trend. Bottom line: “[T]he combination of careful planning, excellent execution, experience, Iraqi cooperation and exponentially increased human intelligence have all combined to keep our casualties very low despite the fact that we’re on the offense.”

And if you missed John Wixted’s analysis of Iraq war civilian casualties over the summer, make sure you click over and check out what he found versus what the AP reported. He concludes:

Although I wish more progress were evident in the civilian casualty chart, one has to say that the new strategy adopted by General Petraeus is showing results. Actually, the results have been quite spectacular, but this fact is obscured by the high number of civilian casualties that are still evident. I have thought all along that if civilian casualties did not drop very substantially by the Fall “deadline,” Harry Reid would use that fact to successfully convince the American public that “this war is lost.” And because most Americans do not pay close attention to the details and therefore do not really understand what is happening in Iraq, I had thought that surrender (to al Qaeda) would be in the cards.

I don’t think that any more. In fact, I am amazed that Americans (and even some Democratic leaders) are able to appreciate the momentous turn of events that has occurred in Iraq lately. More and more Americans seem to understand that we really are in a war against al Qaeda in Iraq (whether or not Iraqi politicians reconcile with each other), that al Qaeda has made it so, and that losing to al Qaeda would have profoundly negative consequences. They also seem to appreciate that the tide has turned against al Qaeda in a very big way even though the terrorists remain capable of launching sneak attacks against and slaughtering unarmed and completely innocent men, women and children. Although the mainstream media often refers to these attacks as being carried out by Sunni “militants” or “extremists,” the American public seems to appreciate the glaringly obvious fact that these attacks are instead carried out by “terrorists.” Al Qaeda terrorists, in fact. They are doing so not because they are participating in a Sunni-vs.-Shiite civil war but because they are trying to provoke a civil war to bring down the Iraqi government and to demoralize you (so that you will throw your support behind Harry Reid and like-minded anti-victory Democrats).

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