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Another Suspect of "Undetermined" Immigration Status Arrested in Newark Murders
Slamming sanctuary.
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But, you know, it’s “irrelevant” how he got here, why and how he was allowed to stay, and why it’s so damned hard for the feds to figure out what exactly his immigration status is:

The last suspect to be arrested in connection to the execution-style killings of three college students pleaded not guilty on Tuesday during his first court appearance.

Standing with his hands shackled in front of him in a white collared shirt and light colored pants, Melvin Jovel spoke softly and answered several questions from the judge, including whether he has a green card, to which he answered no.

Jovel said he had no other charges pending, was not on probation and had been living with his family in Elizabeth for the past five months. He confirmed that he had lived in an apartment complex in Newark’s Ivy Hill section across the street from the scene of the murders. At least two of the other suspects lived in the same complex…Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Thomas A. McTigue said Jovel’s immigration status is “unclear.” Though Jovel, who authorities have said is from Honduras, told the judge on Tuesday that he does not have a Social Security number, McTigue said a passport was seized from Jovel when he was arrested.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a detainer on Jovel, ICE spokesman Michael Gilhooly said Tuesday. A detainer means that if Jovel made bail, he would be turned over to federal authorities.

Meanwhile, fellow suspect Rodolfo Godinez is fighting extradition. His hearing in Maryland, where he was apprehended, is scheduled for Sept. 20. And clueless Newark mayor Cory Booker acknowledged gang “overtones” in the killings. Via tipster William A., here’s video of Newark victims’ family members at a suspect’s arraignment today.

GOP presidential candidates are talking tough about sanctuary and immigration enforcement. Tom Tancredo urged victims’ families to consider suing Newark for negligence. Mitt Romney’s out with a new radio ad slamming sanctuary policies:

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