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No More Sanctuary for Elvira Arellano? Update: Deported Back to Mexico Update: Arellano Supporters Push Obama to Sponsor Humanitarian Visa; New Illegal Alien Protest Planned in D.C
Deportation evader finally arrested. But where does she go from here? Update: Booking photo added.
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Update 11:15pm Eastern 8/20. The open-borders movement carries on. Planning for a new massive, pro-amnesty demonstration in Washington on Sept. 12 is underway–and Arellano’s supporters are pushing Sen. Barack Obama to sponsor a private bill to give a humanitarian visa to the deportation evader:

In Chicago this morning, more than 50 Arellano supporters demonstrated outside immigration offices at 536 S. Clark St., carrying signs reading “Stop the Raids” and “Stop Enforcing Racist Laws.”

Via speakerphone, Chicago activist Emma Lozano, who was with Arellano in Los Angeles, spoke to the demonstrators.

“Her spirits are high,” Lozano told the crowd, adding that federal officials sought “to silence her and clip her wings.”

Planning continued for a major demonstration Sept. 12 on the Mall in Washington to highlight the plight of illegal immigrants, Lozano said. Calling it “A Day Without Immigrants,” Lozano said the protest would revolve around a national boycott in which immigrants would be called on to stay away from their jobs and classrooms and refrain from making any purchases.

After demonstrating outside the Chicago immigration offices, the protesters moved on to the Kluczynski Federal Building, 230 S. Dearborn St., where five of them went up to the local office of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to urge him to introduce a private bill to provide a humanitarian visa for Arellano.

Update 3:02pm Eastern 8/20. Protests in Chicago. WCBS2:

Hundreds gathered in Chicago Monday morning to protest the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrant and immigration activist Elvira Arellano.

She was whisked away to Mexico Sunday after her arrest in Los Angeles. Now immigration activists say they’re fight is even stronger.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman was at the rally near the immigration offices here in Chicago. She reports that the demonstration was peaceful – yet forceful.

Dozens and dozens of people came to the corner of Congress and Clark to protest the deportation of Elvira Arellano. They support the 32-year-old woman who admittedly re-entered the country illegally to be with her son. Eight-year-old Saul Arellano is a U.S. citizen.

More: “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are slated to have a news conference at noon in Chicago to discuss Arellano’s arrest and deportation.”

Update 2:15pm Eastern 8/20. Pro-amnesty forces set to hold a news conference in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a blogger bashes the LA Times for failing to cover the Arellano story quickly enough (and throws in a swipe at the blogs, including this one, who have been covering it.) Here’s the LATimes story published this a.m.


Update 10:15am Eastern 8/20. Tune in to the Laura Ingraham show. In just a few minutes, she’s scheduled to debate immigration and border security with open-borders hystericist Geraldo Rivera. Nuclear. Audio added at HA. My favorite Geraldo-ism. He claims he “invented” covering MS-13 gangs. He “invented” it!

Update 9:15am Eastern 8/20. The feds make a choice: Sovereign Nation over Sanctuary Nation. Arellano has been sent back to Mexico.

An illegal immigrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year to avoid being separated from her U.S.-born son has been deported to Mexico, the church’s pastor said.

Elvira Arellano became an activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents as she defied her deportation order and spoke out from her religious sanctuary. She held a news conference last week to announce that she would finally leave the church to try to lobby U.S. lawmakers for change.

She had just spoken at rally Los Angeles rally when she was arrested Sunday outside Our Lady Queen of Angels church and deported, said the Rev. Walter Coleman, pastor of Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, where Arellano had been living.

“She has been deported. She is free and in Tijuana,” said Coleman, who said he spoke to her on the phone. “She is in good spirits. She is ready to continue the struggle against the separation of families from the other side of the border.”

You’ve probably heard by now: Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien activist and deportation evader who left her Chicago church sanctuary to attend a pro-amnesty march in Los Angeles, was arrested.

Elvira Arrellano, a Mexican woman who sought sanctuary from deportation in a Chicago church was arrested Sunday in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency would not confirm Arrellano was taken in by ICE agents on Olvera Street, near La Placita Church, in the Los Angeles Civic Center area at about 3 p.m.

Arellano and her son Saul, 8, who is a U.S. citizen, were in Los Angeles seeking immigration reform and were staying at La Placita Church.

She visited three area churches to speak about immigration, but was arrested before she could go to a fourth church.

Arellano defied a deportation order to report to the Department of Homeland Security on Aug. 15, 2006. Instead, she sought refuge in the Adalberto United Methodist Church in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago.

According to the New Sanctuary Movement, more than 600,000 families in the United States have at least one member facing deportation because they are illegal residents.

Chicago Tribune has more. Keep an eye on ICE.

Allah ponders the timing.

Update: More from Associated Press…

Arellano was “being processed for removal to Mexico based upon a deportation order originally issued by a federal immigration judge in 1997,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a news release.

Immigration activists promised protests and vigils to support her.

“We are sad, but at the same time we are angry,” said Javier Rodriguez, a Chicago immigration activist who worked with her. “How dare they arrest this woman?”

“How dare they?”


Related must-read: Mark Steyn has a powerful column on the Newark murders and sanctuary nation.

One could, I suppose, regard this as one of those unforeseen incremental consequences that happens in the darkest shadows of society. But that doesn’t extend to Newark’s official status as an illegal-immigrant “sanctuary city.” Like Los Angeles, New York and untold others, Newark has formally erased the distinction between U.S. citizens and the armies of the undocumented. This is the active collusion by multiple cities and states in the subversion of U.S. sovereignty. In Newark, N.J., it means an illegal-immigrant child rapist is free to murder on a Saturday night. In Somerville, Mass., it means two deaf girls are raped by MS-13 members. And in Falls Church, Va., it means Saudi Wahhabists figuring out that, if the “sanctuary nation” (in Michelle Malkin’s phrases) offers such rich pickings to imported killers and imported gangs, why not to jihadists?

“Tell Me Why They Had To Die”? Hard to answer. But tell me why, no matter how many Jose Carranzas it spawns, the nationwide undocumented-immigration protection program erected by this country’s political class remains untouchable and ever-expanding.

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