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Newark Case Update: More Arrests, More "Undocumented" Criminals
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There have been more arrests in the Newark execution murders. Guess where they were headed? Geraldo thinks it’s “irrelevant.” Law enforcement officials, fortunately, took the suspects’ criminal alien status quite seriously:

Authorities arrested two more suspects Saturday in the slayings of three college students who were shot execution-style in a schoolyard, bringing the total number of arrests in the case to five.

The two additional suspects were found in suburban Washington, authorities said.

Rodolfo Godinez, a 24-year-old Nicaraguan immigrant, was arrested in an Oxon Hill, Md., rooming house just north of the I-495 Beltway at about 1 a.m., said John Cuff, an investigator with the U.S. Marshals Service.

An unidentified 16-year-old, believed to be Godinez’s half brother, was arrested in Woodbridge, Va., about 45 minutes later. Both were awaiting extradition to New Jersey, Deputy U.S. Marshal Bill Sorukas said.

Authorities were still searching for an additional suspect.

Re. Godinez’s immigration history:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement records indicated Godinez may also be in the country illegally. Rodolfo Antonio Godinez Gomez entered the U.S. from Nicaragua on Oct. 24, 1992. He was ordered deported on May 5, 1993, but it isn’t clear if he ever left the country, according to Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontura.

“It seems to me that he was illegal,” he said.

More individuals of “irrelevant” citizenship status were taken in:

The search team, which included the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force, staked out the address in Maryland where Godinez was staying after receiving a tip that he was planning to flee to Texas and then to Mexico, according to James Plousis, a U.S. marshal who is responsible for New Jersey.

The tip came from a confidential informant working with federal law enforcement, Cuff said.

Nearly 10 other people, Sorukas said, were arrested for immigration violations in the operation.

In Virginia, Prince William County Police said three others were arrested at the Woodbridge address where the 16-year-old was found. They were arrested on charges of immigration violations and obstruction of justice.

Oh, and by the way, the D.C. suburbs in Maryland and Virginia where these suspects were apprehended are infested with MS-13, the illegal alien crime syndicate to which several of the accused murderers have been tied.

Lawhawk has more. The Star Ledger details the escape plans of Godinez and his brother:

Rodolfo Godinez, 24, was arrested at a squalid apartment house in Oxon Hill, Md., at 1 a.m. His 16-year-old brother was taken into custody 45 minutes later in Woodbridge, Va.,about 20 miles away, authorities said. Godinez and his half brother, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, were planning to travel from Virginia to Texas to Mexico to El Salvador to escape arrest, authorities believe.

“This was just a heinous manifestation of evil by these individuals,” Booker said at the press conference.

Godinez, who has been described as a “principal player” in the schoolyard murders, was found in a squalid home with eight other people, U.S. Marshal James Plousis said.


Godinez, a Nicaraguan who has permanent resident status in the U.S., is being held at a jail in Prince Georges County, Md. A New Jersey Superior Court judge set his bail at $1 million, Essex County First Assistant Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray said during the Newark press conference.

It was information police received at the building where Godinez was collared that finally led them to his half-brother, Plousis said. Agents had been closing in on the 16 year old late Friday night. A tip had led them to the block in Woodbridge where he was reportedly staying but they didn’t know what apartment he was in before his half-brother was taken into custody.

The 16 year old is now being held in a juvenile facility in Prince William County, Md., authorities said.

Perhaps it’s time to stop pussyfooting around the criminal alien gang angle. Flashback:

Newark officials have bristled at the suggestion of a gang angle to the shootings.

“At this point there is nothing in this case that indicates that this has to do with a gang angle, gang initiation, or gang violence,” Garry F. McCarthy, Newark’s police director, told the New York Times. “The motivation seems to be a robbery. Whether or not a 15-year old kid claims he is an MS-13 member, there’s a difference between a gang member and a wannabe.”

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