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Brown Like Geraldo, But Not Down with Geraldo
More open-borders bullcrap from Fonzie Rivera.
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Here’s Geraldo Rivera on Fox and Friends this morning responding to my comments yesterday about his open-borders bullcrap (thanks to AllahPundit for the vid and heads-up):

Geraldo says he “cringes” whenever I’m on Fox. I’ll tell you exactly why. It’s not because of any principled objection he has to the arguments I’ve made in my books (which he hasn’t read), columns, blog posts, and tee-vee appearances. It’s because the mere existence of conservative-thinking minorities who reject his tired old brand of identity politics threatens his race/ethnic-card-playing schtick. He can no longer dismiss all immigration enforcement proponents as racists without looking like a fool or tool, because there are countless, vocal numbers of them like me who have skin as brown as his. He cringes because he knows I’m not alone. He cringes because I’ll call out his bullcrap to his face without feeling any need to soften the blow or suck up in a collegial manner. He’s a know-it-all who knows nothing about the deportation abyss–and he masks his fundamental ignorance with incoherent indignance.

Here is why he cringes: It isn’t just white people who are disgusted when he dismisses Jose Carranza’s illegal status as “irrelevant.” Listen to the father of Newark murder victim Dashon Harvey:

“This is one that slipped through the cracks. He’s an illegal alien,” said outraged dad James Harvey, whose son Dashon was murdered last Saturday, along with Terrance Aeriel and Iofemi Hightower.

While 28-year-old day laborer Jose Lachira Carranza was behind bars yesterday, prosecutors arrested a third suspect, who is 15 years old, in Morristown, and charged him with felony murder.

Another 15-year-old has also been charged.

Harvey said that Carranza, the alleged ringleader, “should never have been out in the first place.”

“He’s got child abuse charges. He’s got a weapon. It’s an outrage to the justice system and the community that he’s out.”

So, is Mr. Harvey guilty of “inflammatory” rhetoric, too?

In order to distract from the issue at hand–criminal alien violence and the systemic failures of the deportation system–Geraldo has been forced to ratchet up his cringe-inducing hysteria and accuse immigration enforcement proponents of causing an imaginary epidemic of violence by the “KKK” and “neo-Nazis.”

Yes, his response to critics who point out that illegal aliens of colors with mile-long rap sheets are getting away with 100 percent preventable crimes–including the execution-style murders of three young black students in Newark–is to sputter about the KKK.

Shark-jump much?



Bryan at HA weighs in.

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