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What Is Hillary Hiding?
Let's have a conversation about it, shall we?
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IBD wonders about Hillary Clinton’s secrets:

The Los Angeles Times reports that calendars, memos and reams of other records from the office of the first lady in the Clinton administration will stay off-limits to public scrutiny until after the 2008 presidential election, according to federal archivists at the Clinton presidential library.

While former President Bill Clinton has authorized lots of the records regarding Hillary’s secret health care task force in 1993-94 to be publicly available, more than 1,000 pages have been censored, purportedly because they contain confidential advice protected under the Presidential Records Act.

But that act, amended by President Bush in 2001, makes it clear that the ex-president is the one who makes the call.

“Because the former President independently retains the right to assert constitutionally based privileges,” Bush’s order states, “the Archivist shall not permit access to the records by a requester unless and until the incumbent President advises the Archivist that the former President and the incumbent President agree to authorize access to the records or until so ordered by a final and nonappealable court order.”

We can only imagine some of the comments in those 1,000-plus pages that Bill and Hillary consider to be obstacles to their returning to the White House.

Is there outrage over the Republican efforts to prevent her from stopping people from choosing their own doctor? Is there admiration expressed for the socialized health care systems of other countries? France perhaps? Or even Cuba?

Knowing Hillary’s real thinking on health care will be imperative for voters.

Judicial Watch is now suing the National Archives after getting no action or response on its request for Hillary’s schedules and diaries. Here’s the complaint.

Hillary’s first campaign ad is titled “Invisible,” by the way.

A fitting description of the papers she’s keeping stashed away from public view.

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