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Open-Borders Rapper: "THEY CAN'T DEPORT US ALL"
Meet Chingo Bling.
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Reader R.L. took a photo of an obnoxious billboard in Houston on the loop 610 highway and asked me to find out what it was all about. Look:


Well, the Myspace page advertised on the sign belongs to one “Chingo Bling.” He is promoting the release of his latest album this week defiantly titled, “They can’t deport us all.” Here’s the album cover:


Here’s his album promo ad:

And a promo graphic:


And here’s the video from one of the open-borders singles on Chingo’s new album titled “Like this and like that:”

Chingo is a pro-illegal immigration, Border Patrol-mocking, Mexican-American gangsta rapper who is a marketing machine. He’s hit the big time. From a recent hip-hop profile:

You’ve seen him on MTV, MUN2, Saturday Night Live, on a recent cover of USA Today and in every major magazine. You’ve seen his bobbleheads, possibly poured some of his Hot Sauce on your tacos and maybe you’ve even seen his custom Tamale Truck rolling through the streets of Houston. You’ve seen his videos and maybe even experienced him on stage in cities from coast to coast spreading his music, his humor and his message. And you’ve seen him do all of this, independently.

Chingo Bling, the Ghetto Vaquero, known for his Ghetto Ingenuity is one of the hottest artists to emerge from Houston in the past four years. Unmistakably original, and 100% real, Chingo Bling embodies everything the world has come to expect from Houston hip-hop and more. And now he is about to bring it to every corner with his newly signed partnership with Asylum Records…

…The son of Mexican immigrants, he grew up entrenched in Mexican American culture, and as he grew he realized that he could be a much needed voice for a sorely underrepresented people. He flipped aspects of what he saw growing up and gave it a hip-hop centric image. His look combines that of a North Mexico Corridista – the singer/songwriters who would write Corrido’s for/about the drug traffickers in their region – and an H-Town hot boy…

…The first release in this joint venture will be Chingo’s highly anticipated album, They Can’t Deport Us All. In this age of meaningless-rap and copy-cat videos, Chingo is bringing a strong message to the masses. His first single, the Carnival Beats produced “Like This and Like That” and the revolutionary accompanying video, takes listeners on a journey across the border with a Mexican immigrant. Recorded in the typically hilarious Chingo Bling fashion, Chingo interpolates between revolutionary Vaquero to comedic Abadesa.


“I’m not gonna be preachy on every bar.” He explains, “I’m talking about all kinds of stuff. I got the hustlers perspective on there, I’m flossin’ a little bit. But the video paints a picture, showing what an immigrant goes through and how a person could come to this country, really not hurting nobody, really just working. That’s really the main gist of the song, but in terms of the movement, I think that we need a little bit more understanding.”

Understand this: The adoption of Chingo’s “They can’t deport us all” mantra is the adoption of a radically ruinous open-borders fallacy. Since we “can’t deport them all,” they argue, we should deport no one. To the likes of Chingo, national security concerns are a joke. Border Patrol officers are pigs. And jihad is a joke:

This flippancy towards border security and undermining of deportation laws has spread from the clueless pages of the WSJ editorial board to the echo chambers of La Raza to the DHS chief’s office and now to the thugs and thug wannabes flashing gang signs, getting drunk, and grinding on the dance floor wearing Chingo’s t-shirts:

Reconquista? What reconquista?


Take a gander at the comments section on Chingo’s Myspace site. A charming sample of greeting and photos posted:

Peace (or rather, piece):


Assimilation, Chingo-fan-style:



And, of course:


If you don’t know what it means, just Google it.

Oh, and if you think that foul, anti-Border Patrol sentiment isn’t shared by Chingo, go check out his t-shirt store:


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