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Newark Execution Murders Update: the MS-13 Connection
Catch and release = More dead bodies.
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On Friday, former prosecutor Remi Spencer and I discussed the arrest of illegal alien Jose Carranza in the brutal murders of three young Newark students and the attemped murder of a fourth. I reported on the discovery of a fingerprint found on a liquor bottle in the schoolyard where the murders took place…and questioned how Carranza could have been fingerprinted and NOT been known to immigration authorities. As I reported in Invasion in 2002, there are several criminal alien databases that are neglected, outdated, unused, and not shared between agencies.

There is also renewed outrage over the multiple times illegal alien Carranza was released on bail for multiple heinous crimes, including an alleged four years of sexual abuse of a girl beginning at age 5.

Hey, if you’ve been reading my reporting, you know this is standard operating procedure.

In the latest developments, the NYPost reports on the suspects’ illegal alien gang ties:

As Newark cops yesterday continued hunting for three people suspected in a grisly schoolyard massacre there, residents said several of the men were part of a notorious street gang.

It also emerged that one of the fugitives, Rodolfo Godinez, obtained a green card in 2001 and was allowed to stay in the United States despite later robbery and assault arrests, immigration authorities said yesterday.

Godinez pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

His fellow fugitives include his 16-year-old brother and another youth, both of whom attended Mount Vernon School, the scene of the Aug. 4 triple slaying.

Recently, Godinez’s brother and another youth already nabbed in the murders “started bragging on how they were part of this gang, MS-13,” said a classmate of the duo.

Also known as Mara Salvatrucha, the ruthless MS-13 gang operates in the United States and Central America.

As I’ve reported over the last several years, MS-13 has thoroughly penetrated every major metropolitan area of the country. Just doing the gang-banging no one else will do. The Newark Star-Ledger has more on the MS-13 penetration of Newark’s Ivy Hill neighborhood. And in the latest issue of City Journal, John Robb writes on urban terrorism waged by foreign criminal enterprises.

Dan Riehl has more. Lawhawk has a good round-up.

This case also reminded me of my reporting during the D.C. Beltway-area sniper murders. We still haven’t learned the lessons of Lee Malvo’s fingerpint. Read it and weep.

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