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Mahamu Kanneh Rearrested After Escape Attempt
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kannehmug1.jpg Mahamu Kanneh, the accused Liberian immigrant child molester whose trial was dropped after a judge claimed a translator could not be found, has been rearrested. Kanneh, who resided in Gaithersburg, Md., was apprehended in Philadelphia. The police say he tried to escape out a back door of the home where he had apparently relocated. He had skipped out of a bond hearing. An extradition hearing is pending. WaPo reports on the latest developments in this continuing outrage:

The Liberian immigrant who avoided trial on child rape charges in Montgomery County because of difficulty finding him an interpreter has been arrested again, this time for allegedly failing to appear at a hearing involving a prosecution effort to reinstate the charges.

Mahamu D. Kanneh, 23, of Gaithersburg was taken into custody Monday night in Philadelphia. Sexual assault charges against Kanneh were dismissed last month by a judge who ruled that delays in the case — caused primarily by the interpreter issue — had violated his right to a speedy trial.

Kanneh did not attend a court hearing Friday at which prosecutors were seeking to impose conditions on his release while they appeal that ruling.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Darren Popkin said Kanneh tried to escape when Philadelphia police officers arrived at the residence where he was staying. “He fled down the stairs and attempted to get to a back door,” Popkin said.

Popkin said Kanneh appeared to have moved to Philadelphia: “He had packed up his belongings.”

Prosecutors want to make sure he doesn’t leave the country:

In a motion filed last week, prosecutors asked a judge to impose the same conditions that were placed on Kanneh while he was awaiting trial: that he be barred from having contact with children, be forced to surrender his passport and other travel documents, be issued an ankle bracelet to track his whereabouts and be barred from leaving the state without permission from the county’s pretrial supervision agency.

Kanneh’s defense attorney, Theresa Chernosky, objected to the state’s request, noting in a court filing that Kanneh had complied with the terms of his pretrial supervision program. “Mr. Kanneh has never been accused of trying to leave the area or trying to run away from this charge,” she wrote.

Spoke too soon there, sister.


WJLA talked to a neighbor of Kanneh’s in Montgomery County. Here’s what the neighbor said about Kanneh’s English-language skills:

Kanneh’s neighbor, Jeremy Brown, says he was surprised Kanneh said he needed a translator. “On a scale of one to ten of English proficiency,” Brown asked rhetorically. “Maybe a seven or eight.”


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