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Sunday Potpourri
GOP debate, Your Black Muslim Bakery follow-up, CAIR-n-Hamas, al Qaeda's new video with exploding motorcade, and Noah Pinnochio Feldman.
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Grab bag:

* There was a GOP presidential debate this morning. Kind of odd to have it on a Sunday morning, no? Allah has video of Mitt Romney’s one-liner about Obama.

Vodkapundit liveblogged it.

* On Friday morning, I blogged about the pre-dawn raid in Oakland on the Your Black Muslim Bakery in connection to the brutal murder of maverick journalist Chauncey Bailey. Police say a Muslim bakery employee has confessed to the killing. The bakery is in more trouble:

Devaughndre Broussard told authorities he killed Chauncey Bailey, police Sgt. Tony Jones said.

Bailey, 57, was editor of the Oakland Post, an African-American newspaper.

The Oakland Tribune reported Saturday that Broussard is a handyman at Your Black Muslim Bakery, a business raided by police Friday along with three homes as part of an investigation into other crimes.

Authorities later said they found evidence linking the business to Bailey’s death along with two other slayings.

The Tribune said Broussard told police he killed Bailey because he was angry about Bailey’s past stories about the bakery and concerned about future articles he might be working on. Bailey reportedly was working on a story about a bankruptcy filing by the business at the time he was killed.

After an inspection, Alameda County health officials closed the bakery for unsanitary conditions, said Howard Jordan, Oakland assistant police chief.

The warrants stemmed from an investigation that began in May after a case involving kidnapping, robbery and torture in east Oakland, said Lt. Ersie Joyner, head of the Oakland police homicide unit.

“It became apparent Your Black Muslim Bakery had some involvement in the case,” he said. In addition, police were able to connect two slayings in July — both men shot and killed near the bakery — using gun evidence.

Noel Sheppard points out network TV apathy about the case.

* Surprise, surprise: CAIR Executive Director Placed at HAMAS Meeting.

* Laura Mansfield has the new al Qaeda video featuring Adam Gadahn and exploding motorcades. Rusty has more.

* Scott Johnson’s post about the B.S. of law professor Noah Feldman is a must-read.

* If it’s Sunday, it’s Blogging the Koran with Robert Spencer.

* There’s a memorial today for the bridge collapse victims. Keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

* Plus, true confessions of a Ninja Warrior fan.

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