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Daily Kos Diarist: Still Thinks Troops Are "Morally Retarded"
"Pro-Military? That's like being Pro-Abortion! Or Pro-chemo-therapy!"
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Update 8/6 12:11pm Eastern. La Shawn Barber muses on the sea of middle-aged white males at Ykos.

Update 8/6 9:05am Eastern. Must-read of the morning–Rick Moran reflects on his adventure at YKos. He reports on nutroots zeal, the unbearable whiteness of the left-wing blogosphere (and the double standards in making such observations), and concludes with a warning that I’ve made myself before:

Ignore or make sport of the netroots at your own peril. Underestimate them and you will get the holy living crap kicked out of you in 2008. These people are organizing far beyond blogs and blog readers. And that organization extends almost down to the precinct level as I’m sure next year’s Netroots Convention will show (they’ve decided to rename the shindig in order to move it away from one guy’s blog).

They are determined, well funded, optimistic, committed, and excited. The GOP is uncertain, underfunded, hopeful but pessimistic, dispirited, and seemingly leaderless, rudderless, and without an agenda.

Who do you think is in better shape going into next year’s contest?


Well, the YearlyKos convention is over, but the nutroots are still marching on. A few weeks ago, Kos himself assailed “nasty rhetoric” that was “rampant in the primary war diaries” of the Daily Kos website. Yet, the site went ahead and featured a troop-bashing rant by Saturday Night Live has-been A. Whitney Brown, who wrote:

“Do I still support the individual men and women who have given so much to serve their country? No. I think they’re a bunch of idiots. I also think they’re morally retarded.”

The guy is itching for more attention. I know I’m violating the no-troll-feeding rule here, but the post sheds needed light on the same anti-military animus that led to the squelching of Sergeant David D. Aguina at the YKos convention last week (see Rick Moran’s interview).

Brown has posted another diatribe at Kos repeating his smear on our men and women in uniform as “morally retarded.” A snippet:

For this view, I have been called Anti-Military.

My response is this: Who on earth could be Pro-Military! The purpose of a military is to kill. It is at best a necessary evil. Necessary only because someone else has a military that threatens our survival.

Pro-Military? That’s like being Pro-Abortion! Or Pro-chemo-therapy!

No! In a world of ignorance, greed, and ambition it is a practical matter that we defend our peace and security against the militaries of others, but the goal is always to have as little military as needed, and no more than absolutely necessary. Currently we spend more than all the rest of the world put together.

A military is an extortion demanded of us by other militaries, a practical acquiesence to the world as it is, but only a sadist, a brute, a glory-monger, a thief or a tyrant can look at a military as a good thing, noble in itself.

Only a society blind with avarice or fear would see a military as anything other than an indictment of our inability to persuade! And yes, an indictment of our courage to try.

Here is an Unknown Known – something we all know but are not aware we know: A Man Cannot Be a Hero in Service To an Unjust Cause. What kind of society would rob it’s (sic) soldiers in such a way? A twisted, sickened society.

Hillary? Obama? John Edwards? Any comment?



More Kos Kraziness: Swooning over Gitmo poetry.


Frank J. follows up on the squelching of Sgt. Aguina and boils down moonbat debate tactics:

So here is how liberals avoid debate on the war for those keeping score:

* You’ve Never Served: You’re a chickenhawk so they ignore the merits of your argument.

* You Did Serve: You’re still a chickenhawk for not serving now so they ignore the merits of your argument.

* You Are Serving: It’s illegal for you to speak about the war so they ignore the merits of your argument.

Collin B. thinks Kos should address his inconsistency.

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