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The Fate of Ward Churchill Update: Fired 8-1 Vote and Now, the Bogus Indian's Gonna File a Bogus Lawsuit
"D-Day" for the king of the moonbats: University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill faces dismissal today at the hands of the school’s Board of Regents after 2 1/2 years of national controversy and investigations.
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Update 11:15pm Eastern. Photographer El Marco captured the followers of Ward Churchill in their natural habitat…


Update 9:03pm Eastern. Slapstick Politics posts photos from the circus and has video coming up.


Also, it seems that Flipping the Bird 101 is a mandatory course at CU:


Update 8:52pm Eastern. Who cast the sole vote against firing Ward Churchill? The Denver Post reports it was CU Regent Cindy Carlisle:

Regents at the University of Colorado voted 8-1 today to terminate professor Ward Churchill. The vote was made en masse; regent Cindy Carlisle was the lone vote in favor of keeping Churchill. Immediately after the announcement, protestors began a loud demonstration Glen Miller Ballroom of CU’s Memorial Hall, with chants and drums. Churchill’s lawyer, David Lane, has said he has a lawsuit ready to be filed. CU President Hank Brown and Regents Chair Patricia “Pat” Hayes called a news conference after the vote. Hayes said that Carlisle had agreed that Churchill was guilty of the findings, but she disagreed with the sanctions imposed.

Pirate Ballerina commemorates the vote:


Update 8:15pm Eastern. Next steps–via RMN, Churchill’s gonna sue

The University of Colorado’s Board of Regents today fired professor Ward Churchill, 2 1/2 years after his comments about the victims of the 9/11 attacks sparked a firestorm.

The regents, in an 8-1 vote, said Churchill committed academic misconduct. The board convened this morning and spent several hours behind closed doors hearing the charges against Churchill.

University president Hank Brown, in a news conference, said “the decision was really pretty basic” based on the board’s findings. Churchill was accused of plagiarism, falsification and other infractions.

Said Brown: “The individual did not express regret, did not apologize, did not indicate a willingness to refrain from this type of

falsification in the future.”

Immediately after the vote was announced, Churchil said “New game, new game.” He has vowed to sue if the regents acted against him.

A handful of protesters were gathered around a drum, beating it and chanting as someone else held an American Indian Movement flag.

Update 7:00pm Eastern. Still no action…7:40pm Eastern…here we go…8-1. Churchill fired…meeting hastily adjourned…a bit of screeching and booing…video feed gone…

Bumped and updating 5:40pm Eastern. The decision should be coming down anytime now. Stand by…Video link from CU of the afternoon public session is supposed to be here. Scheduled start time: 4pm Mountain Time.

A quick reminder of the charges against him, via the RMN:

*Historical facts: Churchill manufactured events in which European Americans intentionally spread smallpox to kill Indians. In one such event, the Army is said to have distributed tainted blankets to Mandan Indians. But no evidence backs the claim.

*Elsewhere, Churchill claimed the United States adopted a formal racial code to identify Indians, similar to the code used by the Nazis to identify Jews. U.S. law includes no such code, legal scholars say.

*Plagiarism: Churchill published an essay on water issues in Canada that closely resembles a pamphlet by a Canadian environmental group. He also borrowed a work on fishing rights originally published by Canadian scholar Fay Cohen.

*Falsifying sources: Churchill wrote essays under the names of other people, which he then cited as independent sources in his footnotes.


Originally posted July 24, 2007 @ 10:04am.

The showdown over Ward Churchill climaxes today. RMN reports:

University of Colorado ethnic- studies professor Ward Churchill faces dismissal today at the hands of the school’s Board of Regents after 2 1/2 years of national controversy and investigations.

Protesters backing Churchill have vowed to hold demonstrations at the Boulder campus. CU officials say police will be present.

Churchill has told Boulder’s Daily Camera he expects to be fired today.

He is charged with academic misconduct, ranging from plagiarism to inventing facts and even entire historical episodes. Among the more unusual charges is that Churchill published essays under the names of other people then cited them in his footnotes as independent sources supporting his views.

A faculty investigative committee upheld the charges one year ago. The matter then crawled through an extensive appeals process, with CU President Hank Brown recommending dismissal in May.

The regents will meet today in closed session to hear the charges and Churchill’s response. They will then deliberate in private but vote in public on whether to fire him.

The vigilant bloggers at Pirate Ballerina will be liveblogging the proceedings and protests all day. They’ve dubbed it “Dismissapalooza.” Also check out Colorado blog Slapsticks Politics, which frames the day this way: “Chickens roosting or chicken regents?”

Whatever happens, you can bet we haven’t seen the last of the king of the moonbats. Tenured radicals never die, they just bloviate away.

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