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The CNN/YouTube Debate
Wizbang. Update: How would Democrat candidates respond to Michael Yon? Update: Bumped...Let the circus begin...7:14pm First spark...Mike Gravel takes on Hillary and Obama...Hillary refuses to embrace the "liberal" label...8:31pm Eastern A snowman asks about global warming...Hillary is "agnostic" about nuke power...
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Update 9:05pm Eastern. The candidates are asked to say something they like or don’t like about the candidate next to them.

John Edwards doesn’t like Hillary’s jacket. Way to look presidential, Johnny.

Joe Biden likes Dennis Kucinich’s wife. And I don’t think he’s joking.

Dennis notes that there was no one put to the left of him. Anderson cracks that that isn’t possible.

Ho, ho, ho. The circus draws to a close. For now.

Update 9:02pm Eastern. Joe Biden disses gun owners by mocking a question from a gun owner, whom he says “needs help” and is mentally deficient.

Here’s the vid:

Update 8:53pm Eastern. Finally, a question related to immigration. A woman asks whether the Dems’ health care plans will cover “undocumented workers.”

Dodd – Yes.

Richardson – He says yes and that “Every American deserves coverage.”

“Undocumented workers = Americans.” Where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah.

Update 8:45pm Eastern. Here’s the “Are you a liberal” question:

The Club for Growth is laughing:

Pigs were flying in South Carolina tonight during the Democratic presidential debate as Hillary Clinton announced that she is not a big-government liberal but a “modern progressive” that “believes strongly in individual rights and freedoms.” Perhaps Hillary Clinton hasn’t been reading her own press releases and campaign speeches because her entire presidential campaign has been a series of proposals for new government programs. In fact, Senator Clinton’s entire political career reeks of big-government liberalism, from her disastrous attempt at Hillary Care to her recent proposal for universal kindergarten. At every turn, Hillary Clinton has embraced the far-left, liberal agenda, including her support for tax hikes, increased government spending, and restrictions on political free speech and her opposition to school choice and free trade.

“I am hard-pressed to imagine something more absurd than Hillary Clinton defending individual rights and eschewing the big-government label on national television,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Kudos to CNN host Anderson Cooper for keeping a straight face.”

Update 8:20pm Eastern. The circus plays on. CNN just played this “question:”

Also: A “snowman” asked about global warming:

Anderson Cooper asked which candidates took private jets. All rose their hands except Mike Gravel…he took the train and bus.

Second serious question from a YouTuber who asks whether the Dems support nuclear power. Silky says no. Obama says “explore it.” Hillary chirps: “We can solve these problems!…I’m agnostic about nuclear power…”

Update 7:15pm Eastern. Which Republican would you pick as VP? Biden says Hagel or Lugar.

Update 7:12pm Eastern. A smug YouTube questioner asks Hillary whether she considers herself a “liberal.” She avoids “liberal,” calling herself a “modern progressive.”

Mike Gravel takes on Hillary’s “agent of change” rhetoric and takes on Barack Obama’s lobbyist funding, Robert Wolf.

Obama says he doesn’t take lobbying money. Obama gets applause. Gravel gets cut off.

6:53pm Eastern update. is running a pre-debate special. Senior citizen William Schneider is on right now explaining what issues matter to The Yoots. He pronounces “INNN-ter-net” like it has ghost quotes around it.

“Internet reporter” Jacki Schechner adds that “I think this is about the coolest thing ever!” The anchor is wearing a hideous, red polyurethane jacket circa 1982. I think they think it looks Yoot-ful.

Update: Here’s a multimedia, interactive idea…Play some of Glenn and Helen’s new podcast with Michael Yon reporting from Iraq. Ask the candidates to respond to his on-the-ground assessment. Would they smear the messenger? Ignore the message? That would be worth watching.

Bumped…Update: The “freak show” begins in 20 minutes. Cue the Barney & Bailey theme song…


Yeah, it’s tonight at 7pm Eastern. The “historic” night on which presidential candidates will attempt to prove their hipness and Yoot Vote appeal by making contrived references to LonelyGirl15, Ask a Ninja, and these techno-fancy things on the Internets called “blogs.”


Those screens look really wizbang cool, but I hope CNN can resolve all those crappy, 20th century audio problems they’ve been having.

Bryan Preston sifted through the dreck of YouTube citizen questions.

Matthew Felling says CNN’s hype has gone “overboard.”

Hotline previews the pre-debate game show.

Don Ward thinks “[t]he whole affair sounds as gimmicky as a Cal Worthington commercial.”

Which you can, of course, find on YouTube:

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