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Accused Immigrant Child Molester Gets Off Because of Lack of Translator Update: FNC Report--Producer Spoke to Kanneh in English Update: Case Will be Appealed
The case of Mahamu Kanneh. Plus: An update on the Zina Linnik case. Arraignment today.
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Bumped…originally posted July 22, 2007 @ 22:49

The latest…Video

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns. Just this morning, the Office of the Attorney General has decided to take this case and appeal it to the Court of Special Appeals.

Raquel M. Guillory

Director of Communications

Office of the Attorney General

Yes, it’s an outrage.

Charges against a man accused of raping and repeatedly molesting a 7-year-old girl have been dropped because the court took too long to find an interpreter fluent in his native West African language.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Katherine D. Savage dismissed the nearly three-year-old case against Mahamu Kanneh last week, saying the delays had violated the Liberian immigrant’s right to a speedy trial.

I’ll be looking more into the story tomorrow, but thought I’d open a thread because I’m getting so much e-mail about it. If any of you have dealt with similar cases, let me know.

Update Key questions:

Who is the court-ordered psychiatrist who determined that Kanneh needed a Vai translator?

How was this determination made?

How was the psychiatrist chosen?

Update: Video–Julie Banderas and James Rosen reported yesterday that a Fox News producer spoke to Kanneh in English.

Update: Give WaPo’s Ernest Londono props for reporting the story. His coverage has sparked national interest in the case. That’s a good thing. You’ll be interested to know that the prosecutor’s voice message box was full by 8:30am Eastern this morning. There are lingering questions here not just about the speedy trial justification for letting Kanneh off, but also about the circumstances of Kanneh’s grant of asylum, and at bottom, the shady claims of his alleged limited English proficiency made by his defense team. Stay tuned.


For those of you following the Zina Linnik case, here’s the latest:

The man police believe abducted and killed 12-year-old Zina Linnick of Tacoma whose disapperance set off a region-wide AMBER Alert earlier this month will be back in a Pierce County courtroom later Monday.

The Tacoma courtroom is expected to be packed as prosecutors charge Therapon Adhahn, 42, with aggravated murder in the first degree for the kidnap and murder of Zina Linnick. Adhahn’s arraignment is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

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