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TSA Officials Blame Passenger for Their Incompetence
TSA: Thousands Standing Around. Those Silly Asses. Taking Scissors Away.
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There was a security breach at Lindbergh Airport in San Diego earlier today (hat tip – reader Mark). A passenger had a bag with liquids in excess of security allowances. The bag also contained a shoe, apparently with a built-in pedometer, which TSA screeners wanted to examine further. But the TSA goofs lost track of the bag and the passenger–causing massive traffic delays:

At least 20 flights were delayed at Lindbergh Field Wednesday morning because of a security breach at Terminal 2.

The terminal was closed at 9 a.m. and was reopened about two hours later but several flights were held from taking off and landing, airport spokeswoman Sharie Shipley said.

The breach happened after a passenger put a bag on the conveyor belt to have it screened and a security officer wanted to further inspect it, but lost track of the bag, said Nico Melendez, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration.

The bag appeared to have exceeded the requirements governing the amount of liquids that can be carried. Also in the bag was a tennis shoe that appeared to have a built-in pedometer device, Melendez said.

Security officers tried to find the passenger and the bag but they did not have a good description of the person and didn’t know the destination of the bag.

Officials decided to evacuate several hundred travelers in the terminal and have them go through security once again, Melendez said.

The security breach caused delays for flights on U.S. Airways, America West, Continental, and Delta.

Ok, here’s your punchline. Instead of taking responsibility for screwing up and losing sight of the bag and the passenger, what does TSA do? Yeah, that’s right. The agency blames the damned passenger:

“If this passenger didn’t have those liquids, none of this would have happened,” Melendez said.

Your Transporation (In)security Administration hard at work…avoiding responsibility, deflecting blame, disrupting air travel, and endangering lives instead of protecting them.

As my TSA sources like to joke about their bosses: TSA stands for “Those Silly Asses.”

“Thousands Standing Around.”

“Taking Scissors Away.”

Add your own.

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