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O'Reilly Factor Takes on JetBlue's Sponsorship of Nutroots-Fest Update: Video Links Added Update: Calling All Photoshoppers! Update: New JetBlue Logo Designs
JetBlue...or JetFoil?
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Update 7/17 7:45am Eastern. Answering the Photoshop call, readers have submitted new, nutroots-ified JetBlue logos. Some of my favorites so far:

From reader Mark S.:


From the Pointfive blog…


From reader Curtis…


From reader Conservative Cat:



JetBlue, the “official airline of the Simpsons,” is now the official airline of the nutroots. I feel a Photoshop contest coming on. Any takers?

Update: O’Reilly on JetBlue video here. My regular segment with Kirsten Powers here (I slipped in my two cents about nutsroots-ification of JetBlue).

Update: Contact JetBlue here.

Update: Soros/JetBlue info.


Kirsten Powers and I will be talking about the Michael Moore/CNN spat, but don’t miss the rest of The Factor tonight–especially O’Reilly’s challenge to JetBlue over its sponsorship of the upcoming Yearly Kos convention.

Here’s a preview to whet your appetite. It’s a bit of O’Reilly producer Jesse Watters’ exchange with JetBlue CEO David Barger:

WATTERS: On the Daily Kos website, it says attacks against coalition forces in Iraq are legitimate. Does JetBlue subscribe to that kind of thinking?

BARGER: There’s really… politics and our business, it’s not really something that we mix.

WATTERS: Well you guys are sponsoring the Daily Kos’s convention this summer.

BARGER: It’s really not something that we mix from a standpoint of politics. I appreciate your interest in that regard, but it’s really, there’s not alignment.

WATTERS: What about ‘the Pope is a primate,’ do you agree with that kind of thinking?

BARGER: Same, I mean, it’s, from a standpoint of running our business, that’s what we do from an airline perspective, so there’s really not alignment along those lines. I appreciate your interest.

WATTERS: Do you think you’re giving legitimacy to this kind of thinking, I mean, they’re saying the world may be better off without Tony Snow, when Tony Snow had a cancer relapse?

BARGER: It’s, I’m really not going to mix politics from the standpoint of running our business.

WATTERS: But aren’t you guys kind of mixing politics by, you know, sponsoring this convention.

BARGER: It’s… I can see where you’re trying to go with it, but I’m just not going to, you know, to respond to that here at this point in time.

WATTERS: What about ‘people who enlisted in the military after 9/11 were sheep.’?

BARGER: Listen, I think it’s real clear that we’re a significant player in this country, in this city, in this community, and I’m not sure what your agenda is this morning…

WATTERS: I mean, do you think that your JetBlue customers want to know that you’re kind of subscribing to the belief that Iran has the right to attack Israel, I mean, these are the kind of things they’re saying on this website.


BARGER: I’ll just close by saying this. I think our customers are, we’ll treat them with dignity and respect, they’re very smart, they’ll draw their own conclusions, whether it’s watching your news show, whether it’s watching our in-flight television, they’re pretty smart people. They’ll draw their own conclusion.

WATTERS: How about ‘Cheney enjoys killing’?

BARGER: I’m just not going to go there. And so along those lines, there’s not alignment, so, I think you can see that I’m just not going to draw a conclusion, tied into what we’re doing with our business, with where you’re going with your agenda this morning, so, have a good weekend.

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