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Christmas Trees Out, "Peace and Harmony" Firs in
Political correctness in the Pacific Northwest. Bah-humbug!
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Who says the War on Christmas isn’t real? You may recall last December that Sea-Tac airport removed Christmas trees after a local rabbi protested.

Well, a new committee has followed up with its recommendation on what the airport should do this coming year. And the verdict is…Christmas trees out, “Peace and Harmony” first in. No, this is not an item in The Onion. It is real, gentle readers. All-too-real. Via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today:

Welcome to the port’s holiday forest.

There may be firs or hemlocks, spruces or pines at Sea-Tac Airport this holiday season, but there will not be a Christmas tree.

Not by definition, anyway.

Nor will menorahs or Buddhas be present.

So recommended the Port of Seattle’s Holiday Decorations Advisory Committee on Thursday.

“No specific religious symbols should be used,” recommended the committee, formed after the port was slammed internationally for yanking down — then reinstating — its airport’s nine Christmas trees last December.

In trying to craft holiday decorations that won’t offend or exclude anyone, the decorations committee — chaired by K + L Gates counsel Fredric Tausend — kept it neutral.

“The use of light and color is especially appropriate in Seattle due to our dark winter travel season,” the recommendation read. “The use of fabric, garlands, color and light in decorations or celebrations is common to cultures worldwide.”

…During the three meetings held by the committee, some members argued that fir trees might be OK, depending on how and if they are decorated.

Decorations should reflect the Pacific Northwest environment and our diverse community, and convey universal values, such as peace and harmony,” the two-paragraph recommendation read.

“Those values have roots in many religious faiths and cultures. Our goal is to create an inclusive and warm environment at the airport.”

Behold the impeccable logic of political correctness: We will be “inclusive” by excluding. We will create a “warm environment” by freezing out anything other than globalist, “universal” pabulum.


Next steps? The Port of Seattle Commission will review the design plan that the Sea-Tac Airport staff creates. Weigh in and contact the commissioners here.

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