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Cindy Sheehan Kicked Off Daily Kos: "I Know a Lot of You Are Hostile Towards My Candidacy."
Blue on blue: When peaceniks attack...each other. dKos commenters rate Sheehan a "troll." Plus: The "Draft Gore" campaign steams ahead...and Hillary's comin' to the nutroots Kos convention.
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The Daily Kos is revoking Cindy Sheehan’s posting privileges for launching her independent challenge to Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So long, farewell, adieu:

I can’t post here anymore because my potential run for Congress

is not on the Democratic ticket.

I have been deeply grateful for all of your support over the years. Your love and kindness helped me through lots of sleepless nights at Camp Casey ’05.

If Speaker Pelosi does her constitutionally mandated duty and I don’t run, then I can come back and post…

Hat tip: Allah, who has more.

LGF notes that some of the Kos Kids aren’t taking too kindly to St. Cindy’s “I’m doing it for your kids” line.

Looks like commenters also tried to rate Sheehan’s post a “troll diary.”


A sample from the dKos comments:

Brother Dave” – “From a supremely moral position to a self absorbed independent candidate seems a tragic way to honor Casey and fight for others. Since the diary title starts with the Word “I” it obvious what Cindy is now all about.

Mayan:” – “My initial thought is that I don’t need anyone telling me what is good for my children and grandchildren…Particularly those embarking on what I consider to be foolhardy and VERY divisive tactics during a time that we should be seeking ways to come together. I get enough in loco parentis stuff from Dick Cheney and George Bush.”

Cacamp” – “Celebrity is like dope and she’s hooked on the spotlight.”

Musing85 – “I just love how Cindy Sheehan and all her supporters on this site continue to promote this false dilemma that you’re either with Cindy in her quixotic attempt to remain relevant or else you’re supporting Bush. The clue phone is ringing: I suggest you pick it up.”


Meanwhile, the “Draft Gore” campaign has delivered a petition with a reported 100,000-plus signatures to Big Al. John Kerry says he’d be a “credible candidate.”

Like he would know…


On a related note: Hillary’s going to the nutroots Yearly Kos convention. That is going to be quite a scene. Flashback to last year’s convention:


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