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McCain '08 Death Watch: Top Staffers Out
John McCain’s campaign manager and chief strategist resign.
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John McCain’s campaign manager and chief strategist are gone from their leadership roles, according to two officials with knowledge of the staff changes.

One official said Terry Nelson resigned as campaign manager for the Republican presidential candidate and John Weaver stepped down from his post of chief strategist on Tuesday. But another official said Nelson was fired.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonimity because the shake-up has not been made public.

The Corner has the staffers’ statements. Are they headed for Fred?


From US News & WR’s Washington Whispers: “Before he falls out of the top tier of GOP White House hopefuls, chief advisers to Sen. John McCain are urging him to quit his day job and become a full-time presidential candidate. “Just resign,” one says he told McCain. “Show you’re all in.”

Yes, resign from the Senate, Sen. McCain. No objections here.


Flashback: McCain Dead Pool predictions.

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