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Shamnesty on the Senate Floor, Afternoon Edition...Reid Invokes 9/11 (Gag Me)...Where Do We Go from Here?...NRSC Feels the Heat Latest: Senate in Recess. the Backroom Deal-Making Resumes!
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4:37pm Eastern. Here’s what I’m hearing from several Hill sources…

The so-called “Clay Pigeon” amendment, 300-plus pages, is still being drafted. Reviewing it will be impossible. No one has read it through. Thank your Senate GOP leadership for that. The amendment buyoffs are frantically underway. Rumors that the amendment is being re-drafted to include a deal cut with one senator who threw the pro-amnesty forces a cloture vote.

Also hearing: “The move to put the Senate in recess was preemptive on Reid’s part. Putting the Senate in recess ensures that bill opponents cannot seek recognition on the Senate floor and thereby offer amendments or opposes the bill in any way. In sum, it is just one more tool Reid is using to silence dissent. So there you have it. The Senate is closed on a Tuesday afternoon on a day when we are dealing with the massive-in-scope immigration ‘reform’ bill.”

This stinks. Make sure the White House, RNC, and NRSC know it.

3:43pm Eastern update. Thought you’d be interested in this e-mail from Heidi H.:

Hi Michelle,

I just got off the phone with NRSC, where it took ~10 minutes for someone to answer my call.

I told the woman who answered that she should add 4 former donors to her list in OK and CO among my family members, and alert Ensign that his cloture vote today (as NRSC chairman) sealed the deal.

She sounded exhausted, and told me that their director is compiling a spreadsheet of all callers by state and the number of donors they’ve lost today.

Sounds like it’s a large number, and if there are any current NRSC donors out there who can’t stomach it after today, I’m sure the NRSC workers would like to hear from them.

It appears that the NRSC rank and file are against Shamnesty, too–be nice, because they hate this as much as we do!

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Ronald Reagan Republican Center

425 2nd Street NE

Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 675-6000

partdeu150.jpg Following up on this morning’s post, I’ve started a new thread for the second round of Senate floor debate on shamnesty. It’s 2:31pm Eastern and the Senate is waiting for a member to come to the floor to speak. Rich Miniter has a memo outlining the clay pigeon strategy. Like I said, we’ll see if it flies today. Meantime, where do we go from here? Bryan Preston says fight. Ok, then. Are you in the mood to make calls and hold ship-jumping, pro-amnesty Senators to account? Good. Here’s a list of targets that’s circulating on the Hill:

Brownback (split with Roberts)

Bond (Split with McCaskill)

Burr (split with Dole)



Gregg (split with Sununu)

McConnell (split with Bunning)


Glenn Reynolds sums up the choices bluntly: “Exit, voice, and loyalty. That is, quit, bitch like hell, or hold your nose and vote.”

Mickey Kaus on Kabuki kabuki. Yup.

Flashback from my post on May 21, pre-Kaus and pre-Steyn: “This is so Beltway kabuki theater.”


Bunraku may be more accurate, actually.


Readers have asked again for cero dineros to send to the RNC. Here ya go:


Chris Kelly has another recommendation:

What we need now is a series of Macaca moments, but about immigration policy.

What I urge everyone to do is to go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions about immigration that are designed to reveal flaws in the candidates’ arguments. Not rants, and not questions that will generate a predictable response. They need to be specific questions that are designed to prevent the candidates from being evasive. And, they don’t have to be about the Senate bill specifically, just about amnesty in general.

Then, the videos of those responses can be put on Youtube and promoted in other ways.

If this is done enough times, it will have an impact on candidates’ political careers, and that will send a loud message to those in the Senate and the House. Plus, it will have the side effect of showing just how corrupt the MSM is.


3:19pm Eastern. Quorum call. Looks like there will be break in the proceedings until 3:50pm.

2:56pm Eastern. Now, Reid is calling for appointing conferees for a lobbying bill. Dingy Harry is inveighing about corporate jets and special interests and ethics. I don’t think I can keep my lunch down. Mute button. Mute button.

2:49pm Eastern. Shamnesty switcher Jon Kyl comes to the floor to object to some collective bargaining provision in a 9/11 bill that Reid has brought to the table. Another quorum call.


2:36pm Eastern. Here we go. It’s Harry Reid invoking 9/11 and the War on Terror. “When Democrats took control of congress this year, we said we would finally implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission…we passed bills.” Blah x 3. We worked tirelessly to resolve differences in bills. Reid gives shamnesty superpowers: It will prevent nuclear attacks, improve TSA morale, make America more secure!

Reid wants to name conferees. He reports that the minority will object going to conference. Whines about obstructionism.


Moves to go to conference. Inhofe (I think), objects. Reid says he will come back and try again, but not before once again invoking 9/11. Quorum call.

Someone should really sit down and advise the Dems that open-borders zealots have no business invoking 9/11 as a reason to pass a massive amnesty. Do your homework.

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