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Extreme makeover.
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6/19 Tuesday noon update: I’m bumping this up for readers who may just be viewing the new site for the first time. Bear with us as we resolve some transition issues.

6/18 late Monday night update: Thanks for all the feedback. My web team is working overtime to resolve glitches and address reader concerns. We are responding to complaints about font size and browser issues. Some of you are not able to see the banner/masthead yet. The transition will take a bit of time. Your patience and continued readership are appreciated. Remember: We will be opening comments soon. And I am still giving you the same content–just in a remodeled house. Some of you are such diehard conservatives, you are allergic to any and all of the changes. For once, people, Embrace The Change. It’ll grow on you. I promise.


6/18 6:43 am

Michelle Malkin This month marks my third year in the blogosphere. To celebrate, I’m launching version 2.0. Thanks to the wizardry of Mark Jaquith and the design gurus at The Blog Studio, you’re looking at a radically re-tooled blog format with some cool new user features:

Lead Story. The space in the left-hand column on the front page will be used to highlight my top news/analysis/investigative item of the day. It may be breaking news or an original document I’ve obtained or even a guest post from a blogger who has uncovered a story that deserves more attention. Regular readers of this site know that I’ll often go wall-to-wall on a news story and keep a single post at the top of the blog all day–which has prevented me from blogging other stories (because they would bury my lead item). Thanks to Mark’s programming, I can keep a lead story in the spotlight and continue to blog the rest of the day’s news in a separate space.

Blog. The middle column contains my regular blog posts–now with front-page thumbnail photos and captions. Just click on the headlines to get to the posts. You’ll also notice that each post automatically brings up a column of related posts for you to peruse for background.

Architecture. The site is now powered by WordPress rather than Movable Type. It has also moved to a faster server. Thanks to Mark for taking care of the MT-to-WP conversion and server migration.

Comments. Yes, I’ll be bringing them back. Stay tuned; I’ll be letting you know when registration opens.

Buzzworthy. If you scroll down below the first ad in the far-right column, you’ll see this new feature, which spotlights the most recent post at some of my favorite right-of-center blogs. Keep an eye on this space for some nifty improvements that we plan to roll out within the next week or two.


Miscellaneous. Enjoy exploring the rest of the site. My privacy policy is here. I’ve finally added Categories in the right sidebar (and I’m slowly retro-categorizing thousands of old posts). And don’t miss the links above the masthead: I’ve revamped my “About” page, added links to my archives, RSS page, and the Hot Air team’s Flickr page, and–in response to popular demand–brought back the quick link to my columns archived at JWR.

Let me know what you think. We’ll continue to tweak the site and welcome your suggestions. If you notice any technical glitches, please e-mail me at writemalkin -at- gmail -dot- com. In addition to describing the problem, let me know which operating system and web browser you’re using.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued readership!

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