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Dissecting the Bush/Kennedy Shamnesty Bill
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11:05am 5/21 update: Dean Barnett’s read on shamnesty politics…

[T]he Democrats will skate free for doing something that’s so contrary to the wishes of their base. That’s the benefit of being a party that really only cares about hating its opposition. As Markos Moulitsas has repeatedly pointed out, even the Democrats’ most enthusiastic supporters aren’t particularly rigid in their ideology, primarily because they don’t have an ideology.

As for the Republicans, even if this bill dies, the scars from this battle will linger. The Republican base at this moment has absolutely no faith in its leaders. The fact that our favorite Senator, John Kyl, mid-wifed this bill is sobering. And I don’t even want to talk about what will happen to the Republican Party if this bill becomes law.

Well, as I noted over the weekend, it doesn’t seem that this White House cares very much at all.

10:45am 5/21 update: Kathryn Lopez calls out DHS secretary Michael Chertoff for his smearing of those who want to put immigration enforcement first–you know, the thing that’s supposed to be his job.

9:16am 5/21 update: Sen. John Cornyn coming up shortly on Fox News to talk about his skirmish with John F’n McCain. UpdateVideo at Hot Air. Here’s what he said:

“I think there were some words said there that Sen. McCain later apologized for and I accepted his apology…The outlines are better than the bill that passed the Senate past year. I intend to offer amendment to improve the Z visa portion of this…”

[Greg Jarrett asks about the touchback provision: Is it a fraud?]…Cornyn: “I don’t think so…”

Self-delusion is a hard habit to break.

9:13am 5/21 update: Sen. Jeff Sessions and Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Rector are scheduled to hold a press conference this morning on the enormous projected costs of the shamnesty bill. WT editorializes:

It’s a disaster for national security, for keeping Islamist jihadists out of the country, for exploding the costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, for preserving the rule of law, and for that quaint principle called national sovereignty. From the details that have leaked out thus far, the legislation, which provides amnesty for nearly all of the 12 million (or maybe even 20 million) illegal aliens already here, would swell the size of the welfare state in a way we haven’t seen since Lyndon Johnson imposed his Great Society on us four decades ago. Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican who is likely to lead the fight to save the nation from this disaster, and Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation will reveal at a press conference this morning the details of just how expensive it will be. We’re talking trillions of dollars — that’s not millions or even billions — over the next several decades.

7/15am 5/21 update: The Washington Times reports that “[f]ewer than 20 senators are publicly committed to supporting the immigration deal that hits the Senate floor today while nearly 40 are already opposed or have serious concerns.”

I’m shocked, shocked: Big Business doesn’t like the employer verification requirements– which, of course, would never go into effect anyway. Here’s more sound and fury from pro-illegal alien groups who will ultimately end up getting what they want.

This is so Beltway kabuki theater.


RedState posts myths and facts. The final point:

Senators will not have time to read and understand this bill before Monday’s cloture vote. Working behind closed doors for months, a handful of Democrat and Republican staffers, along with a few senators and principals from the Administration, have been drafting a “comprehensive immigration reform package.” Until Saturday morning, May 19, 2007, the legislation was unavailable to any other senators or staff, let alone the media, policy analysts, or the general public. This legislation would be the most significant reform of immigration policy in 40 years, affecting not only our national security and homeland defense but the fiscal, economic, and social future of the United States for several generations. A document marked “DRAFT — FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY,” is being relied upon by senators and staff as the final language to be debated beginning on Monday, May 21, with the expectation of a vote on final passage — without congressional hearings, committee mark-up, fiscal analysis, expert testimony, or public comment — before the Memorial Day recess. This is not a good way to deliberate over such an important piece of legislation and tosses aside years of the U.S. Senate tradition as being the most deliberative body in the world.

Allah pillories the back-taxes exemption pushed by Bush.

James Edwards writes about the right way to do illegal immigration reform: Attrition Through Enforcement.


I’ve been hacking away at it all weekend and will post analysis tomorrow.

Hugh Hewitt has a seven-part dissection here and writes: “The jam down of such a far reaching measure, drafted in secret and very difficult for laymen much less lawyers to read, is fundamentally inconsistent with how we govern ourselves.”

The invaluable N.Z. Bear has taken the bill text and converted it into an annotation/link-friendly format that allows readers to browse page-by-page, allows bloggers to link directly to individual pages, and allows anybody to add commentary and links to individual pages.

Go here. Read it, use it, link and add your comments!

Scott Johnson at Power Line has the inside story on the death of Sen. John Cornyn’s deportation and enforcement provisions, which prompted John McCain’s obscenity.

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