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GOP-Bashing Associated Press Goes Bean-Counting...Now, Let's Turn the Tables on the APUpdate: Your Final AP Bd of Directors Bean-Count
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***update: all photos located…scroll for final tally***

Associated Press writer Nancy Benac plays the “diversity” card with a piece tallying up how many women and minorities service in power positions for the various presidential candidates. The hit piece slamming Republicans for not promoting enough non-white people is titled “Democrats seek diversity in advisers:”

When the leading Republican presidential candidates sit down with their top advisers, those with a seat at the table don’t exactly look like America, to use the phrase popularized by former President Clinton.

The 2008 presidential race is notable for the presence of a woman and a black among the leading Democratic candidates. But progress is much slower when it comes to diversifying the ranks of top decision-makers within the various campaigns, especially those of the Republicans.

The campaigns of the top GOP candidates — Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani — couldn’t point to any key advisers who are black, although there are some women in the top tier. Not unsurprisingly, those campaigns with the most women and minorities among top staff members are Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

“Not unsurprisingly,” eh? Fair and balanced at the AP, as always.

Perhaps Ms. Benac–journalistic concern troll for “diversity”–should start counting the racial and ethnic beans at her own organization. Take a look at the AP Board of Directors. Not unsurprisingly, it’s “Do as we say, not as we do” with the liberal media elite. I’m adding photos to help with the visuals here. I’m sure Ms. Benac will get on the case:


Group photo of AP Board of Directors – hat tip: Dan Riehl

AP Board of Directors


William Dean Singleton — Chairman

Vice Chairman and CEO

MediaNews Group Inc.

Denver, Colorado


Gary Pruitt — Vice Chairman

Chairman, President and CEO

The McClatchy Company

Sacramento, California


R. Jack Fishman

Publisher and Editor

Citizen Tribune

Morristown, Tennessee


Dennis J. FitzSimons

Chairman, President and CEO

Tribune, Co.

Chicago, Illinois


Victor F. Ganzi

President and CEO

Hearst Corp.

New York, New York


Walter E. Hussman Jr.


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Little Rock, Arkansas


Julie Inskeep


The Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne, Indiana


Mary Jacobus

President and Chief Operating Officer

The New York Times Co.’s Regional Media Group

Tampa, Florida


Boisfeuillet (Bo) Jones

Publisher and CEO

The Washington Post

Washington, D.C.


Mary Junck

President and CEO

Lee Enterprises, Inc.

Davenport, Iowa


David Lord


Pioneer Newspapers, Inc.

Seattle, Washington


Kenneth W. Lowe

President and CEO

E.W. Scripps Company

Cincinnati, Ohio


Douglas H. McCorkindale

Retired Chairman

Gannett, Co. Inc.

McLean, Virginia


R. John Mitchell


Rutland Herald

Rutland, Vermont


Steven O. Newhouse



New York, New York


Charles V. Pittman

Senior Vice President-Newspapers

Schurz Communications Inc.

South Bend, Indiana


Michael E. Reed


GateHouse Media, Inc.

Fairport, NY 14450


Bruce T. Reese

President and CEO

Bonneville International Corp.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Jon Rust


Southeast Missourian

Co-president, Rust Communications

Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Jay R. Smith


Cox Newspapers, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia


David Westin


ABC News

New York, New York


H. Graham Woodlief

President, Publishing Division

Vice President,

Media General Inc.

Richmond, Virginia

Let’s tally up so far…Update. Here’s your final tally:

22 members of the AP Board of Directors.

19 out of 22 are men.

0 out of 22 are “women of color.”

1 out of 22 is a “man of color.”

Ahem: Perhaps journalists who live in non-“diverse” houses…



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