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Unearthing the Wit and Wisdom of Roseanne Barr
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Update: Welcome back to the blogosphere, Ro B.

The NYPost and TMZ are buzzing that Roseanne Barr might be the leading contender to fill the Big Mouth chair on the View to be vacated by the Other Ro. Interestingly, a reader e-mails that Roseanne’s blog has been taken offline. Here’s what you’ll see if you click over to “Roseanne World:”


Fortunately for Barbara Walters and her crack background research staff hunting for a replacement, you can dig up Roseanne’s rants on Google cache. Ro B makes Rosie O look like a right-winger. Their spelling skills, grammar levels, and conspiracy-mongering are about equal, but Ro B beats Rosie O by a mile in the Israel-bashing and religious bigotry department. Here are a few golden nuggets I turned up. I’m sure it’s the tip of the iceberg (the Wayback Machine has her blog archive here):







Anti-Mormon. Anti-Israel. Pro-conspiracy. No wonder she’s the leading candidate for Big Ro’s seat.

I did find something Roseanne wrote that I agree with 100 percent:


Q.E.D., Roseanne, Q.E.D.

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