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The Daily Kos declares war over the Nevada Democratic Party’s choice of Fox News–get out the smelling salts!–to host the Democrats’ first presidential debate in August.

Greg Tinti observes:

Maybe the Nevada Democratic Party actually wants to people to see this debate. And anyway, it’s not like there aren’t going to be dozens of other debates from now until the primaries. Everyone major network is going to get their turn. And can you even imagine how Markos et al. would react if righties started objecting about GOP debates being on CNN, MSNBC, or PBS and demanded they only be on FOX News?

There’s even a petition to “freeze out Fox News:”


Yes. Put it on MSNBC or the progressive blogs. Get the lowest possible audience possible. Brilliant!

That Kos and his minions–genius political strategists all!

*** joins the assault. A left-wing blogger named “Myrna the Minx” reports:

I just spoke to Adam Green of which is planning a campaign against Fox News’s pose as a legitimate news agency. They see the upcoming Democratic debate sponsored by the Western Majority Project and the Nevada State Democratic Party is an opportunity to put pressure on the state party and other new organizations and are going to time it with a YouTube video by Robert Greenwald called “Fox Attacks Obama.”

In a rather shocking move, Green wants to include Nevada liberal bloggers in this campaign, or at least let us know what the plans are so that we can help as we see fit. I sure hope someone tfrom the state party is reading this… might want to brace yourself.

The campaign makes more sense to me than the online petition because it will be paired with a media assault against Fox News’ status as a news agency. Unfortunately for the state party, [it’s] going to come at their expense. I initially had a knee jerk reaction to the dismissive posts about the debate from some of the big blogs because the whole “dumb Nevadans” thing is already getting old (I guess I have become a Nevadan), but I see the wisdom of this effort.

The Important Action Alert(TM) nutroots leaders at MyDD are on board.

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