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Hey, Rosie: Read My Lips
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Ching, chong, smackdown’s on:


Hoisted by her own petard for her Asian language mimickry, diva of political correctness Rosie O’Donnell is getting blasted by a Chinese-American NYC city councilman for offending minorities:

A city councilman is demanding that Rosie O’Donnell be held accountable for comments she made on ABC’s “The View” last week that he said offended Asian-Americans.

O’Donnell set off a firestorm when she mocked Chinese broadcasters commenting on Danny DeVito’s drunken Nov. 29 performance on “The View.”

“The fact is that it’s news all over the world. You know, you can imagine in China it’s like, ‘Ching chong, ching chong, Danny DeVito, ching chong chong chong chong, drunk, ‘The View,’ ching chong.'”

O’Donnell’s imitation was followed by laughter from her co-hosts and a loud “gong” that producers threw in.

City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) has written a letter to Barbara Walters, co-executive producer and co-host of “The View,” blasting O’Donnell.

“Her caricature of the Chinese language hits a raw nerve in our community,” Liu wrote.

Liu admonished Walters for sitting by and not scolding O’Donnell for making the “derogatory remarks” that “have consequences beyond the stupidity of the person who made them.”

“What will you do to hold yourself and those who host the program accountable for such offensive remarks?” Liu asked Walters.

It’s one of the rare times I am enjoying the P.C. circus at work. Very edifying. I hope they go all out: Pickets, advertising boycotts, the works. Couldn’t happen to a better (er, worse) person.


So, how’s holier-than-thou Rosie responding to her critics? With her usual grace and charm. Here’s her reply to one commenter on her mess of a blog:



A viewer at YouTube notes that O’Donnell did her same “ching-chong” routine in on her own show in response to Mira Sorvino stating that she majored in Chinese. Apparently, Rosie thinks it’s so brilliant and funny, she’s promising to do it again. More from her blog:


Rosie Ching Chong O’Donnell: Comic genius.



Hey, Rosie O’Donnell: Did you teach your kids to speak “ching chong,” too?

Newsbusters: Remember Sen. Alfonse D’Amato/Lance Ito?

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