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Deborah Frisch Update: Wanted
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Have you seen her?

I named her unhinged academic of the year back in July. Now, she’s really living up to the title as 2006 comes to a close. Deborah Frisch, the infamous left-wing blogger/stalker who threatened Protein Wisdom blogger Jeff Goldstein and his family, had an arrest warrant issued against her today. Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft attended the hearing and reports the details:

Many of you will remember the Deb Frisch – Protein Wisdom blog drama.

Dr. Frisch has removed her website, but many of her posts and comments can still be found on Technorati and Google.

After the Frisch-Goldstein drama, Frisch was charged in Oregon with stalking and telephone harassment in a matter unrelated to Goldstein.

Meanwhile, Goldstein obtained a restraining order against Frisch in Denver. Alleging she violated the order, he then obtained a contempt citation against her. When she didn’t appear last week to show cause why she shouldn’t be held in contempt of court, the matter was continued until today.

At the court hearing in Denver this morning, Frisch again didn’t show, although her lawyer did. Despite his efforts on her behalf, the Judge ordered the arrest warrant to be activated.

Gateway Pundit has more.

Blog P.I. has background from August and here’s the Don’t Hire Deb blog’s warning from July.

This crackpot must face the consequences of her actions.


It is not easy to bear the costs of protecting your family against unhinged haters. If you have a chance to hit up Jeff’s tip jar over at Protein Wisdom, you should.



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