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Mob Rule at Michigan State University
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Shutting down speech

Well, I hope all you open-borders folks are proud of how your young acolytes in academia conduct themselves. They rushed the stage at Columbia University to shut down Minutemen Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist. They briefly disrupted MP co-founder Chris Simcox’s speech at Georgetown by pulling a fire alarm.

And last night, they crashed Tom Tancredo’s lecture at Michigan State University in a violent protest that also included a fire alarm stunt:

A campus discussion about illegal immigration turned violent Thursday evening, when protesters clashed with the MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom, who sponsored the event.

Kyle Bristow, chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom, or YAF, said he was kicked and spat upon by some of the protesters when he was outside the MSU College of Law, where the discussion was being held.

“It saddens me that my fellow Spartans would display this type of behavior,” he said. “They are racist. It’s sad we need police to come to control these radical leftists.”

Unable to identify the people who assaulted him, Bristow said he wasn’t planning to file a police report.

MSU police were dispatched to the event after an employee of the law college called the department, MSU police Sgt. Brian McDaniel said.

“About 10 to 20 protesters disrupted the event,” he said. “We believe they were responsible for pulling the fire alarm.”

Protesters said they came to show their opposition to controversial Republican congressman Tom Tancredo, of Colorado, who spoke at the event. Before Tancredo arrived and while the event was being set up, protesters gathered on the fourth floor of the law college with signs that read “Ignorant Racist.”

Someone in the building set off a fire alarm twice throughout the evening. After the first alarm was pulled, a few hundred people were evacuated from the building. The person or persons responsible for pulling the alarm could face a misdemeanor or felony charge if caught, McDaniel said.

Randy McPherson, whose sign read “Where’s the wall to keep you out?” came to protest when he heard that the congressman would be speaking.

“God works in mysterious ways,” said McPherson, a food science and premedical junior, after the second fire alarm was pulled. “(Tancredo) shouldn’t be here.”

E.P. at Slapstick Politics sends a video link and background. More at the Denver Post.

You’ll recall that at another Michigan school–Western Michigan University–last year, Pat Buchanan was assaulted by a deranged student who hurled salad dressing at him. Last month, David Horowitz and his bodyguards were attacked by two thugs with a cream pie.

What flavor of liberal intolerance have you tasted today?

Horowitz noted at the annual Restoration Weekend conference:

Leftist ruffians have ensured that if you are a conservative speaker you will never know what might be coming at you. When I spoke recently at Ball State University, it was only a cream pie. I didn’t even see the person who was charging us, but the chief of campus police and Floyd and the policemen present saw her coming and interposed themselves between us, and were drowned by this cream pie. Not a big deal, but three suits had to go to the dry cleaners, and a police officer was cut apprehending the culprits. Refreshingly, they were arrested and had to post bail.

This is the sad state of our campuses.

Indeed, it is. And on and on and on it goes, as Cinammon Stillwell thoroughly documented recently.

When Leftist tries to argue, as they invariably do, that conservatives are as unhinged on campus as they are, ask them to name the last five liberal speakers physically attacked while trying to speak at a college or university.

Do you hear what I hear? Crickets chirping, chirping, chirping.



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