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Playing the Absolute Moral Authority Card
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Over the weekend, I spotlighted Josh Lansdale–the tall tale-telling anti-Bush Iraq war veteran used by the Claire McCaskill campaign in Missouri to attack GOP Sen. Jim Talent’s support of the military.

We’ve done an in-depth report on Lansdale’s fraudulent appearances for McCaskill and retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who is running anti-war ads through election day on CNN and Fox News.

McCaskill is standing by Lansdale and his defenders are invoking the Absolute Moral Authority to shield him from scrutiny.


It’s a well-worn ploy for the Dems–attacking Republicans with flawed and fraudulent figures. Bryan Preston has started an Absolute Moral Authority card collection:



Collect yours today–or make your own. Click for template and reader submissions.

E L Frederick: Some women get a card, some women don’t.

The New York Times gets carded by Greg Tinti.


Jim Hoft has followed the McCaskill/Talent race closely. Here are his seven reasons why McCaskill will lose Missouri.

Here’s RCP’s Missouri Senate race page.

Timothy Birdnow looks at the Democrats’ mess in St. Louis.

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