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Liberals Love Blackface
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They i magine racism where there is none, and then think nothing of employing blatant racist imagery to attack those who aren’t liberal enough for them:


As I noted in my column last week, there are no grown-ups on the other side of the aisle.

Flashback: Netroots vs. Rightroots: left-wingers love blackface


Flashback: The vile bile we have to put up with


Allah notes the illogic:

What’s interesting is how the betrayed allegiances at which they direct this delightful little metaphor seem to grow broader each time they use it. Gilliard mocked Steele for betraying black liberal Democrats; Hamsher mocked Lieberman for betraying liberal Democrats; Billmon mocks Blitzer, as near as I can tell, for betraying liberals. You could do a Venn diagram of their logic here. But at this point, who’s left?

Still a week left to go ’til Election Day. They will find someone.

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