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I have blogged before about the obsessed UNC professor Eric Muller.

He and his friends at Wonkette have sunk to a new low (Guess insulting me with ping-pong ball jokes wasn’t enough). As a response to my column this week on Charlotte Church, they post a picture of a woman in a bikini that they claim is me (I wish I looked that good in a bikini):






The idiots are so blinded by hate they can’t see a two-bit Photoshop from some hater’s bogus Flickr site? And they couldn’t bother to ask me before attempting to embarrass me and calling me a slut?

You embarrass yourselves.

Rather than demand that they take their lying lies down, I am asking that they leave their smears up for all the world to see.


I am also filing a complaint with UNC School of Law Professor Muller’s employer. Here’s the dean’s contact information. This has gone too far.

Wonkette guest editor Ken Layne (e-mail [email protected]) is responsible for posting the Wonkette item, which I’m sure he’ll point out is more carefully worded than Professor Muller’s. Credit Gawker for having more legal sense than a UNC law professor, at least. Note Layne’s snarky comment in the comment thread:


That’s the Gawker idea of “reporting,” you see.

Here’s another dumb photoshop of me on the same bogus Flickr site that both Wonkette and Muller linked to:


Even Reuters could do better than that (notice that it appears to be the same face photo as the one used in the bikini shot).

Oh, and just a reminder of Gawker’s terms of use policy for commenters, which still seems not to apply to its own employees:

Comments Terms of Use

The comments sections on GM Sites are accessible to users by invitation only (such invitations coming either from Gawker Media editors directly or by referral from existing comment users). GM’s comment user registration system has been designed so that, if the user so chooses, they can remain completely anonymous, even to us.

In order to make our comments useful and interesting, the following guidelines have been established for comment users:

* Do not post threatening, harassing, defamatory, or libelous material.

* Do not intentionally make false or misleading statements.

* Do not offer to sell or buy any product or service.

* Do not post material that infringes copyright.

* Do not post information that you know to be confidential or sensitive or otherwise in breach of the law.

* Keep all comments relevant to the particular GM Site where the comment is being posted.

* Gawker Media will not accept responsibility for information posted in the Comments.


Reader J. e-mails:

In your first post this morning you say: “…they post a picture of a woman in a bikini that they claim is me (I wish I looked that good in a bikini):…”

I respectfully beg to differ, I bet you look absolutely stunning in a bikini.

Well, thanks for cheering me up. ūüėČ

Reader Bill:

The young woman in the photo looks to be pushing 5′ 8″ – 10″. While your razor whit certainly puts you in the big leagues, I suspect you fall a little short of 5′ 8″.

I appreciate you telling them to leave the photo up though. I personally never stop people from making jackasses of themselves, I simply enjoy watching them.

Have a great day.

I swear I am 5′ 1 1/2.” 5′ 4 1/2″ with these on.

Jason at Texas Rainmaker e-mails:

Nice to see you haven’t aged in 14 years. ūüôā



I am trying to find out who set up the bogus Flickr site. This picture may hold a clue:


If you know who the woman is on the right, please e-mail me. The caption is a lie. I recognize the setting. It was not taken “out west.” It was taken at CPAC in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. See:



More e-mails:

From reader J.

Dean Boger,

It is my sincere regret to inform you that I wish to pull my application packet from the UNC School of Law, due in large part to the behavior of Professor Eric Muller. The packet was mailed on 25 September, in hopes that it would arrive by your 1 October opening of admissions date. While I understand Professor Muller‚Äôs online activities are not endorsed by UNC, his crude and cruel remarks –targeted at columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin– reveal a certain classlessness that I would prefer not to be exposed to during my studies.

From Steve:

My eye has been honed by decades of girl-watching and my professional opinion on this bikini girl is that:

1) Her head is too small for her body.

2) Her body is too fleshy to be mistaken for you. You are a skinny little bone. Bikni Girl has chowed down a few extra pork chops.

3) That’s one ugly bikini.

Anyway, it’s an insult that they are passing off as you a girl who hasn’t skipped any desserts. The only way to put this controversy to rest is for you to post your own photo of yourself in a bikini, circa 1992, so that we, your loyal legion of fans, can compare and contrast the Real Michelle and the Bogus Michelle, point out all the discrepancies between the two, and demonstrate the superiority of Our Michelle to Their Michelle. It’s the only way to be sure. Accept No Substitutes!

In fact, to stop this kind of lefty outrage in the future, we probably should have bikini shots on file for all conservative commentators such as yourself, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Page Hopkins, et cetera, so that we conservative males can instantly rebut small-minded slurs against the honor of our womenfolk. No need to thank us. We’re happy to do it as a favor to you.

Uh, no thanks!

Reader Scott:

I graduated from UNC back in 1980. At the time it was still considered a haven for hippies and liberal loonies. But those people would be considered downright conservative by today’s standards. I am ashamed of what that University has become. It is the oldest state-funded University in the country with a long tradition of academic excellence. Yet now, like so many schools around the country, it is now a breeding ground for liberal idiots.

Pay no attention to these people Michelle, they are insignificant, microcephalic cretins.


And even if that were you in the photograph, you would have been in your 20’s and it is hardly a risque photo. What is their point? Have they never seen a woman in a bikini before? The louder they cry the more it appears that they are threatened by you. They lash out at you because deep down they are seething is self-loathing.

Take care and keep the articles coming!

Stephen C.:

You would think a law professor would have a better idea of what is and is not appropriate. Just goes to show how far people of that ilk will sink.

Oh, and with regards to that bikini photo: Muller’s confusion is understandable – to them, all Asians look alike anyway, right?

La Shawn Barber: Liberal Bloggers Fall For Michelle Malkin Fauxtograph

Charles Johnson shares one of his haters’ Photoshops in “Inept Photoshop Phriday.”

Regarding the bikini, reader Tina writes:

I have that same bathingsuit! And I bought it about a year and a half [ago] at Target. Couldn’t possibly be from 1992.

Here’s Tina’s top:


Yup, and for the record (sorry to disappoint the gentlemen), I haven’t worn a bikini since I had my two kids.

Blogger Void Where Prohibited:

Just when you think the moonbats have gone as far as they can go. If that’s Michelle in that picture than I’m a Wookie. You ever seen someone 5’1″ stand next to a fridge?? They usually have to stand on tip toes to look in the freezer.

When you have to make up stuff to attack someone you are simply admitting that you’ve got nothing.



10/01/06 – A personal aside

9/29/06 The Gawker smear machine

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