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The Arizona 9/11 Memorial Disgrace
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***scroll for updates…AZ Gov. Napolitano thinks the memorial is “great,” “honorable,” and “responsible…”





You have got to see the entire stomach-turning photo series of the Arizona 9/11 memorial disgrace over at Hot Air. Many thanks to Hot Air commenter AZ Patriot for taking the pics.

The blogswarm has been building over the moonbattered memorial, which was supposedly built so that future generations will not forget the tragic losses of life and the inspiration, heroism and lessons learned that day,” but which stands as a Blame America monument that will make the despoilers of Ground Zero and the Flight 93 Red Crescent memorial jealous.

Espresso Pundit sounded the alarm after visiting the site and reported: “The memorial looks like a webpage.” Flopping Aces and Allah followed up. Ace and his commenters are all over it. The East Valley Tribune picked up on the blogswarm here. MKH tracking here, with campaign donor info on some of the Arizona 9/11 commission members. You won’t be surprised.

Dan Riehl and Ace report on the educational curriculum being offered by the Arizona 9/11 memorial organization. It includes lessons like this:

Describe how key political, social, environmental, and economic events of the late 20th century and early 21st century (e.g., Watergate, OPEC/oil crisis, Central American wars/Iran-Contra, End of Cold War, first Gulf War, September 11) affected, and continue to affect, the United States.

Fox News covered the controversy this afternoon. Here’s Brian Wilson’s interview with Arizona state rep. Russell Pearce.

Five years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, we must remain as vigilant as ever against those who would exploit jihadi acts of war and mass murder as opportunities to erect literal Guilt Complexes on American soil. They tried it at Ground Zero. They tried it at Shanksville. They succeeded in Arizona.

Where next?


Update: GOP AZ gubernatorial challenger Len Munsil is hosting a press conference tomorrow morning at 11am and has audio of Gov. Napolitano’s fawning over the memorial.

It’s hard to improve on the memorial moonbattery, but the Photoshopping has begun: Sean Gleeson and Six Meat Buffet have fun.


Contact Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano:

The Honorable Janet Napolitano

Governor of Arizona

1700 West Washington

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331

Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883

Fax (602) 542-1381

E-mail the Arizona 9/11 memorial organization: [email protected]

Here are the 30 members of the Arizona 9/11 memorial commission approved by Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano (I’m hyperlinking with contact info or adding email info as I find it):

Crystal Allman Assistant United Phoenix Fire Fighters ([email protected])

Benito Almanza President Bank of America

Joe Anderson Chairman & CEO Schaller Anderson

Marcos Andrade

Johnny Basha Vice President Chairman of the Board Bashas

Viana Bruce Marine Semper Fi 24/7 Support Team

Cassidy Campana Public Relations Manager R&R Partners

Lynne Christian

Shelley Cohn Executive Director Arizona Commission on the Arts

Kathy Copeland Lieutenant/ Investigation Division Glendale Police Dept.

Rich Dozer President Arizona Diamondbacks

Susan Ehrlich Judge State Court of Appeals

Paul Eppinger Executive Director Arizona Inner Faith Movement

Jennifer Glazar Flight Attendant Southwest Airlines

Dan Hoffman Architect Studio MA

Jake Jacobsen President P.L.E.A.

Donna Killoughey Bird General Council Life Teen, Inc.

Ronnie Lopez Chairman P.I.C.

Paul Luna President Valley of the Sun, United Way

Ken Magoch Past President FOP Retired Sgt. Tucson PD

Cindy Petrovich Buyer I Arizona Dept. of Veterans’ Services

Penny Pfaelzer PfaelzerJohnsAmen&Dean

Bob Ramsey Chairman & CEO Starwest Associates/American Life Star

Diane Saunders Assistant to the Governor Governors Office

Billy Shields President United Phoenix Firefighters

Sonia Singh

Steve Speisman Teacher

Joe Tucker CPA

Daniel Valenzuela

George Weisz Mayor’s Office

Who sponsored the memorial? Here’s a list provided by the AZ 9/11 memorial foundation:

Arizona Emporium

AZ Comm Financial Services

Bank of America


Blue Cross Blue Shield AZ

City of Glendale

City of Phoenix

City of Tempe


Fort McDowell Casino

Future Vision Investment

Grupo ñ Advertising

Honorable George Weisz


iHealth Technologies

Levine Foundation

Maricopa Community College

Mass Electric Construction

McCarthy Construction



Phoenix Councilmember Greg Stanton

Phoenix Suns


RBC Dain Rauscher

SCF Arizona

Schaller Anderson

Sleep America

State government agencies

The Arizona Community Foundation

The Arizona Republic

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association- PLEA

The Ramsey Foundation


United Phoenix Fire Fighters

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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