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"Allahu Akbar:" No Rest for Jihad
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I’d wish you a happy Labor Day, but there’s no holiday for the infidel-haters. A Jordanian jihadi (another “lone shooter“) attacked Western tourists in central Amman today, killing one British man and wounding several others. Guess what he shouted as he gunned them down:

A British man was killed today when a lone gunman shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is Great”) started firing at a group of Western tourists in the Jordanian capital Amman.

A government spokesman said that five other tourists – two British women, one Australian woman, one New Zealand woman and a Dutch man – were injured in the attack as well as their Jordanian tour guide.

The attack happened at around 10.30am (0730GMT) as the group was preparing to leave the Greco-Roman amphitheatre, a busy attraction in downtown Amman. The gunman, a Jordanian in his 30s, was high up inside the amphitheatre.

Eyewitnesses said that he was clean-shaven and dressed in a normal shirt and trousers.

“The British gentleman has passed away,” said the government spokesman, Nasser Jawdeh. “The gunman is a Jordanian national. He was apprehended and an investigation is underway,” he added.

Eid Fayez, the Jordanian Interior Minister, told reporters that the gunman apparently acted alone. “We don’t know if he had any partners but certainly this was a terror attack,” Mr Fayez said.


A Times of London correspondent doesn’t even pause before blaming the victims:

Rana Sabbagh-Gargour, Times Correspondent in Amman, said that the attack came amid rising antagonism towards the West.

“There is mounting frustration on the streets of the Arab world with the West, especially with the United States and Europe, over its perceived bias on the Middle Eastern conflict, Iraq and Lebanon,” she said. “It is putting pressure on moderate Arab governments to revisit their politics and limiting their ability to manoeuvre.”

Gag. That “frustration” with the West has been “mounting” for a long, long time.

Pajamas Media has a round-up on the Amman attack.

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