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"Fauxtography" Alert: NYTimes and USNews; Plus Time and Reuters' Issam Kobeisi
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***scroll for updates…8/9 – The New York Times corrects…***

Case study number one: The NYTimes and the Lebanese pieta


Take a close look at the above photo. (Pay close attention to his shorts, his dustless chest, muscular torso, the dust on his hands, and the hat tucked in the crook of his arm.) You’ve probably seen the image before. It was part of a NYTimes photo essay series published online here. It’s an iconic image of Lebanese death at the hands of Israel–even described as the Lebanese pieta. The caption accompanying the photo:

The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities time to pull them out. (Photo Tyler Hicks The New York Times)

Only guess what? The body depicted “buried under the rubble” appears to have been up and walking in the photographer’s photo series of the scene throughout the day as a rescuer, not a bombing victim. Jim Hoft is all over it. Allah is on it. Take a look and tell me what you think:

Slide 2:


Slide 3:


Slide 4:


Silde 6:


Judging from his clothes, his body, his unique dusted hands, and his hat, it seems like the same man in all of the above slides. Did the pole fall on him in the last slide? Maybe. But that’s certainly not what the caption about “bodies buried under rubble” as a result of an Israeli airstrike implies.

Or, as Ace asks: “Did he collapse from heat exhaustion? Or did the director here simply decided the production was long on rescuers and short on corpses?”

Ask the Times:

To send comments and suggestions (about news coverage only) or to report errors that call for correction, e-mail or leave a message at 1-888-NYT-NEWS.

E-mail the ombudsman at or call (212) 556-7652.

E-mail the Editors at and

Update: Fascinating. NPR interviewed Tyler Hicks and featured his photo gallery. The pieta photo caption is very different than the NYTimes website’s:


Well, that seems to make more sense. If that’s accurate, why doesn’t the NYTimes’ own site reflect that? What exactly happened?


Case study number two: US News and the smelly fire


Take a close look at the cover of US News magazine. It’s from the July 31 edition, titled “Lebanon’s new ruins“–spotlighting the destruction of Lebanon at the hands of Israel. Thomas S. and Allah and Hot Air readers examined it carefully. The armed Lebanese man is identified on the cover as a “Hezbollah fighter near Beirut.”

Near what?

The image and the story context imply that he is at the scene of an Israeli airstrike or explosion caused by IDF artillery. The same guy appears in a photo taken by none other than ex-Reuters camera man Adnan Hajj. He’s pointing a gun at the site of the explosion:


Only guess what? The site is…



…as Allah points out, a garbage dump.

Dan Riehl has more on the smokescreen. Will the US News editors investigate?

Contact US News:

Email form

Editorial Offices:

1050 Thomas Jefferson Street NW

Washington, DC 20007


Update: Reader Robert P. writes:

When I saw the US News photo I knew I’d seen it somewhere else as well. This exact same scene is shown on page 45 of the July 31st issue of Time Magazine. The caption reads:

“The wreckage of a downed Israeli jet that was targeting Hizballa trucks billows smoke behind a Hizballah gunman in Kfar Chima, near Beirut. Jet fuel set the surrounding area ablaze.”

The photo credit is to Bruno Stevens – Cosmos. Upon closer inspection the blaze indeed appears to be a tire fire.

Bob Newman of KOA Radio reports that he notified Time and received an e-mail acknowledging the error, but no word on a retraction or correction to be published.

Update: Here’s the Time photo and caption, via Allah and HA readers:



Update: Dan Riehl is first out of the box with a Photoshopped US News cover.


Zombie has the definitive taxonomy on Reuterized news photos. Allah can’t keep up with the tips fast enough.

A tune keeps running through my head:


Update: Mary Katherine Ham has more ceremonial displays of dead babies from AP photographer Lefteris Pitarakis.

Update: Rusty Shackleford, who debunked Adnan Hajj’s fake flare photo and forced Reuters to make a second admission of doctored photos, is raising questions about a second photographer named Issam Kobeisi.

There is more. DFH has more. Whoever Issam Kobeisi is, Reuters should check this photographer out very carefully.

Update: F/R is keeping a Fauxtography list.

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