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When Trolls Attack
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Jeff Goldstein is back up at Protein Wisdom after a third Denial of Service attack. (10am Eastern update – seems to be down again!)

Bill at INDC Journal tracks continuing Frischmania. Allah has more. Dr. Helen weighs in on Women Behaving Badly On the Internet.

Check out the “fair and balanced” coverage of Frisch’s trolling at Inside Higher Ed. Gee, now why wouldn’t they mention the continuing hate mail Jeff continues to receive? Or that Jeff taught in the academy, too? (Or doesn’t his teaching experience count?)

N.Z. Bear has initiated a good conversation on how to fight back against DDOS attacks:

It seems that what we bloggers need is a way to combat a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack which leverages the same principals as the attack itself — most particularly, the Distributed part. Call it a Distributed Guarantee Of Service.

The challenge is this: how could we establish a system so that a blogger suffering a DDOS attack (or simple system downtime, even) could be guaranteed a way to post during their outage.

Have ideas? N.Z.’s comments are open.



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