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Ca. Dem Invites Illegal Alien Help
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***update: Of course, she says she misspoke***

Oh, yes, she did.

Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate in Tuesday’s CA-50 special election has been caught on tape telling a Spanish-speaking audience “You don’t need papers for voting.”

Responding to a question from a translator about how to help her campaign, Francine Busby also told non-English-speaking volunteers that they don’t need to be registered voters to help the campaign.

Take a listen right here.

Ian Schwartz also has audio and a photo of the candidate.

Not a surprise.


Oct. 27, 2004 – The illegal-alien swing vote:

Democrats at the state and federal levels have aggressively courted the illegal alien swing vote. The most egregious example, of course, was the taxpayer-funded Citizenship USA program under the Clinton-Gore administration, which abandoned criminal background checks to naturalize 1.3 million immigrants (including scores of criminal alien felons) in time for the 1996 elections.

Ethnic and racial grievance groups, with backing from the likes of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, have forcefully opposed basic ID requirements at the polls. And they have armies of lawyers standing by to assist them. Responsible election officials who ask for proof of citizenship will be accused of “harassment” and “intimidation.” They will be accused of causing a “chilling effect” — never mind the corrosive effect of unchecked illegal alien voter fraud on law, order and the integrity of our electoral system.

April 2006 – Illegal alien voter recruitment


May 2005 – The McConnell amendment to the Senate immigration bill, which would require photo ID at the voting booth, is killed.

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