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Read My Lips: No New Amnesty
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**scroll for updates…100 million new immigrants over the next 20 years???…Sen. Sessions’ analysis of Senate sellout: up to 217.1 million new legal immigrants will be cleared to immigrate into the United States over the next 20 years, a number equal to 66 percent of the total current population of the United States.***

Watch my preview of Bush’s immigration speech.

We’re opening comment registration again for a brief period if you want a place to vent.

And Allah is presiding over the mother of all Bush speech posts here.

He links to Gateway Pundit’s Open Border Drinking Game. Bottoms up! (Raise a toast to the bipartisan open-borders assphant.)

Would love to participate, but I’m scheduled to appear on The O’Reilly Factor tonight to provide post-speech analysis.


David Orland is back and blogging up a storm at The Immigration Blog.

The Guard the Borders Blogburst is up.

Pajamas Media round-up here.

Truth Laid Bear has a handy feature tracking speech livebloggers tonight.

Mark Krikorian: The political tremors will grow.

More Derb: Boob bait

Levin: A Big Night


Paul Mirengoff: “…the Hagel-Martinez legislation would lead to a rapid and fundamental transformation of the social, economic, and political nature of our society. This fact needs to be brought into the open and discussed — something the bill’s supporters seem reluctant to do.”

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