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The Moose Is Back
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Watch out!

Say a prayer for the people of Honolulu. My former police chief, the utterly incompetent Charles “Still waiting for the white van” Moose, has resurfaced. (Hat tip: reader JB) According to WTOP News, he is now training to be a street officer in Hawaii.

Charles Moose was at the forefront of the hunt for the snipers who terrorized the D.C. area, four years ago — the former Montgomery County Police Chief was the public face of the regional task force that arrested John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.

Just before opening statements in Muhammad’s sniper murder trial, Charles Moose is training as a recruit for the Honolulu Police Department.

WTOP has told you it was in the works in the past few weeks, but Michelle Yu, of the Honolulu Police Department confirms Moose entered the training academy May 1. She says Moose will undergo approximately six months of classroom training and another six months of field training.

Moose’s wife has been quoted as saying her husband misses the excitement of police work and has been looking forward to getting back to the work he loves. You’ll remember Moose stepped down as chief to write a book on the sniper investigation.

When he graduates, Moose will have the rank of Officer.

Hope they can keep him from shaking down anymore island hotels.



Don’t ask Chief Charles Moose

Charles “Show me the money” Moose

The Moose is on the loose

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