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Borders? What Borders?
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More pictures you didn’t see in the NYTimes or WashPost or LATimes…Photojournalist Byron Dazey has a stunning photo collection of the Illegal Alien Strike in Seattle. Here’s a sample, but be sure to visit Creative Flashes to see the whole album.






A guy wearing a murderous Che shirt and flashing a peace sign…


Byron e-mails:

There were definitely socialist groups everywhere, and plenty of Che. It is very clear that the left wing groups are using this issue (and using the illegals) to gain some ground and power. One of the organizers even went so far as to tell the crowd to take the money that they did not spend today and put it in the collection buckets that they were sending around! That seemed extremely brazen to me, to say the least.

The best line from a speaker, however, was the one where she screamed “They can’t deport you from the land that they stole from you!!!” The crowd cheered wildly, of course.


More unvarnished coverage at Power Line.

The day to hate Republicans

Reconquista 101

L.A.’s reconquista reporter



The pictures you won’t see

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