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Blogs Down: Hack Attack
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***scroll for updates…1230pm EDT Looks like the problem may be resolved, though several blogs still down…Glenn Reynolds confirms the attack originated in Saudi Arabia, as I suspected…Mary Katherine Ham of downed blog is guest-blogging over at Wizbang…Hugh’s back up…looks like most are back up…update on Aaron’s CC below…513pm EDT update several blogs reporting they are down again…9pm EDT update: another attack***

Many Hosting Matters-hosted blogs are down–including Instapundit, Power Line, Hugh Hewitt, and tons of others large and small. Hosting Matters’ own website is also down.

Blogger Chuck Simmins e-mails:

Denial of service attack on Hosting Matters. Most, if

not all, their hosted sites are down. Attack is originating internationally.

Haven’t been able to confirm. But stay tuned.

***update: LGF, a Hosting Matters blog on a different server than the others, confirms***

I’ve received quite a few emails this morning from people having trouble getting to blogs like Power Line and Captain’s Quarters.

The reason for the problem: Hosting Matters is experiencing a Denial of Service attack. They’re working to block it now.

More info on DoS attacks: Wikipedia: Denial-of-service attack.

UPDATE at 4/28/06 8:43:47 am:

Although LGF is also at Hosting Matters, we were moved to a different network after experiencing a similar attack. (That’s why we’re still up.)

UPDATE at 4/28/06 8:48:17 am:

I may have spoken too soon; some parts of the LGF system are beginning to act a bit flaky.

On a possibly related noted, Aaron’s CC blog has been hacked several times over the last month, reportedly by cyberjihadis mad at his provocative images. His site is also down, though I’m not sure it’s a Hosting Matters blog. Does anyone know?

Another update 1157am EDT. Chuck Simmins sends a link to the Hosting Matters support site…

Well, we know who the target is, and we know where the likely source of the attack originates…and I sincerely doubt that country’s leadership has the least bit of concern for extraditing over something like this.

Stacy – Hosting Matters, Inc.

Just fyi: The cyberjihadis who have gone after the Aaron’s CC blog reportedly originate from Saudi Arabia.


I greatly appreciated all the blogosphere’s support when the cyberjihadis took down my site down over the Mohammed Cartoons. If you’re down, please send me an e-mail and I’ll keep a list here of all those affected. We are all affected by cyberterrorist tactics, wherever they may originate.

Blogs down:

Instapundit (***Glenn is posting on his back-up site here***)

Power Line

Captain’s Quarters

Pundit Guy

Chuck Simmins

Small Dead Animals


Hugh Hewitt


Mountaineer Musings

Say Uncle

Counterterrorism Blog

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Castle Arggh! – John Donovan

She Who Will Be Obeyed – Beth Donovan

Michael Totten

Ticklish Ears


Theodore’s World


Florida Cracker

Jeff Quinton



Tim Blair

Down with Absolutes


300pm EDT update: Looks like most blogs are back up, but the story’s not over. Aaron at Aaron’s CC, the Hosting Matters blog singled out by the cyberjihadis, is also back up still down.But for how long? Hosting Matters announced:

Today, 11:46 AM

This morning at approximately 10:00 AM Eastern time, we noted a sudden abnormal surge in traffic to the network.

Shortly thereafter, our upstreams confirmed that one of the servers within the network was the target of a massive DOS attack.

We worked with the NOC and the upstreams to further identify the target and steps were taken to isolate that target from the rest of the network.


Recovery on all segments except that target segment is complete. The target of the attack will not be brought back online and will be removed from the main network in the event they are the target of future attacks, so as not to negatively impact other clients.

We are currently working to address clients who may be on that same segment of the network to bring them back online.

Stacy – Hosting Matters, Inc.

Sondra K is down.



The Islamists’ war on the Internet

Jihad in cyberspace

Internet jihad continues

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