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***update: ProLife Blogs reports that Sally Jacobsen has been put on leave…NKU Glenn Reynolds has more details…***


There’s much more on the story I blogged Friday concerning Sally Jacobsen, the Northern Kentucky University women’s studies professor who enlisted her students to wreck a pro-life display of crosses erected in memory of abortion victims.

A state lawmaker wants her fired:

In a letter faxed Saturday to NKU President James Votruba, Rep. Paul Marcotte, R-Union, wrote that Sally Jacobsen, an English professor scheduled to retire in a few weeks, should be fired for her role last week in the destruction of an anti-abortion display on campus.

The 400 crosses representing aborted fetuses were pulled from the ground about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in front of University Center.

Jacobsen told The Enquirer last week that she had invited students to destroy the crosses that were put up by a student Right to Life group, but would not comment on whether she participated in the vandalism.

A photo Thursday in the online edition of the campus newspaper, The Northerner, showed Jacobsen tearing up the sign “Cemetery of Innocents” in front of the display with crosses scattered on the grass around her.

The Northerner said the photo was taken Wednesday evening by editor Sarah Loman.

In his letter, Marcotte called Jacobsen’s behavior, “illegal and irresponsible” and “disgusting, offensive behavior by a tenured professor.”

He also stated: “Strong punishment will send a message to other unrepentant radicals that the university is part of a larger community and that its members must abide by the community’s laws.”

“She’s a disgrace and is actually encouraging young students to break the law,” Marcotte said Saturday.

When reached at her home Saturday, Jacobsen said, “I’m not responding to any more media inquiries,” and hung up.

The school is weighing its options and awaiting results of a local police investigation. reports that Jacobsen is set to retire in a few weeks. Brendan Loy writes: “Perhaps she sees this bit of vandalism as her ‘parting shot.’ If so, what an utterly disgraceful way to end her career.”

Thomas Lifson weighs in.



The crosses they cannot bear

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