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UC Santa Cruz Hates Our Troops
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Here’s how they show support for the military at UC Santa Cruz (hat tip: Brian Maloney and reader Allen) – via the Santa Cruz News Sentinel:

Military recruiters packed up their displays and left a UC Santa Cruz job fair Tuesday after several protesters attempted to force themselves inside the fair while others blocked the entrance over the course of a tense hour-long standoff.

Citing safety concerns, the four recruiters from the Army and National Guard reversed an earlier decision to remain at the fair in a room separated from other job recruiters and protected by more than a dozen campus police.

The Indymedia moonbats are gloating: Students Kick Military Recruiters off UC Santa Cruz

Here’s another report from the troop-bashers, which brags about a rock being thrown at the recruiters’ SUV.

Anti-war thugs who have engaged in similar tactics have gotten away with slaps on the wrist. UC Santa Cruz students pulled the same stunt a year ago.

Take a stand.

Contact the UC Santa Cruz chancellor:

Denice D. Denton

Office of Chancellor

200 Clark Kerr Hall

University of California

Santa Cruz, California 95064

Assistant to the Chancellor:

Jessica Fiske Bailey

Phone: (831) 459-2058

Email: [email protected]



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