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Flag Wars
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There’s no rest for the reconquistadors. They marched this weekend in Costa Mesa:


And Brooklyn:


And more are planned in coming days (via Alternet):

In the coming weeks, there will be plentiful opportunities to stand in solidarity with this nation’s undocumented immigrants. Below is a short listing of demonstrations being planned across the nation. Please post information about any other rallies or marches being planned in your area.

* Sunday, April 9: Salt Lake City: “Dignity March” to the state capitol is scheduled for noon to 5 pm, starting and ending at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

* Monday, April 10: April 10, the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice will be the biggest day of demonstrations around the nation. The following cities have rallies in the planning stages: Houston; San Antonio; Austin, Texas; Dallas; St. Louis; Minneapolis; Detroit; Chicago; Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; Miami; Charlotte, N.C.; New Haven, Conn.; Danbury, Conn.; Hartford, Conn.; Birmingham, Ala.; New York; Boston; Milwaukee; Washington, D.C.; and many more. As of today, here are the cities that have confirmed a time and location: New York: “Full Rights for All Immigrants” at Battery Park, 3-6pm; Salt Lake City: “Unity Rally” at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City, 4:30pm.

* Saturday, April 29: Los Angeles and New York rallies are being organized by the Progressive Labor Party, which is calling for a Communist revolution.

Don’t forget your Che shirt!

Another event announced by the radical racists at La Voz de Aztlan: El Gran Boicot.

Diana West diagnoses the foreign flag outbreak:

This outpouring may be the tangible fusion of every liberal orthodoxy, from multiculturalism to “inclusiveness” to “self-esteem”; it’s also in-your-face symbolism of the abysmal failure to assimilate, to Americanize, even on the most superficial level, an ever-growing influx of foreign-born millions.

There’s a follow-up on students punished for waving the American flag here.

Another incident involving Hispanic students tearing down the American flag occurred in the Phoenix area on Friday.

And reader J.W. sends info on the Skyline H.S. incident in Colorado that Allahpundit blogged about here on Friday:

I’m a retired Colorado cop who is now a driving instructor in northern Colorado. I’m a regular reader of your blog and, yes, I voted for George Bush in the last election. One of my male driving students attends Skyline High School in Longmont, CO and today gave me this version of the past week’s events:

On Friday, March 24, a group of Skyline H. S. Latino students, some citizens and some not citizens, showed up at school, many wearing or prominently displaying the flag of Mexico. At some point during the day these Latino students left the campus and went to downtown Longmont to participate in a protest over the impending immigration legislation. Some of the non-Latino students, angry and offended at the display on campus of the flag of Mexico, and angry at the walkout, decided to stage a pro-American “protest.” On the following Tuesday morning, March 28, 2006, a group of the “pro-American” students parked their pickup trucks in the school student parking lot. The American flag was displayed prominently on these trucks. While the students were in classes, members of the Skyline H.S. administration went to the student parking lot and summarily confiscated the American flags.

When the students returned to their trucks later in the day and discovered their American flags missing, they went to the administration building to report the thefts. These students were detained by the adminstration, the students’ parents summoned to the school and, by the virtue of the confessions of the students to having brought the American flags to school, they were summarily suspended from school for a period of two days. My student, who says he is a friend of several of the suspended students, told me that his friends claimed they were suspended because their display of the American flag was, according to the adminstrators who suspended them, “inappropriate” in these circumstances.

My student is not aware of any student who displayed or carried a Mexican flag on campus having been suspended. I neglected to ask him if any of the Mexican flags had been confiscated. On the following Thursday, March 30, 2006, some of the suspended students returned to the school parking lot. The suspended students sat in their trucks, on which were once again displayed American flags, and loudly played “God Bless America” by means of boom-boxes. Latino students approached the parked trucks. Words and threats were exchanged and fist fights broke out. All students who got into fist fights were summarily suspended from school. The “patriots”, counting their original suspensions, now had 11 days of suspension to serve.

On the morning of Friday, March 31, 2006 the adminstration received “intelligence information” that another student walkout was imminent, as a result of the “flag” suspensions. The principal used the intra-school P.A. system to warn students that they would be video-taped if a protest occurred, that the police would be present, and protesters would be arrested.

The “patriots” decided to stage their protest at lunch-time, to avoid getting into more trouble with the school authorities. Lunch-time begins at 11:00 a.m., according to my student. At about 10:30 a.m. the Latinos and some “patriots” began to walk out of classes. My student saw one of his classmates carrying an American flag in a back pocket. My student received instructions by phone from his mother, who was watching events unfold on television, to leave the school and to go home for lunch.


On his way home, my student saw a group of Latino students, some of whom had come from the nearby Junior High School to join the high school students, gathered west of Skyline High School on Mountain View Ave. The Latinos were waving Mexican flags and yellling in Spanish at a group of “patriot” students, who were gathered closer to the school. My student later heard a story he could not directly substantiate that a truck carrying Latinos in the rear bed, from which a Mexican flag was displayed, drove by the gathering confrontation. Affixed to the rear of that truck and dragging on the pavement was a tattered American flag.

According to my student, the Longmont Police responded in force and surrounded the “patriot” students. The police did not surround or try to contain the Latino students. The Latino students approached the “patriots.” My student continued walking home for his lunch break. When my student returned to the school from his lunch break he saw some of his friends in handcuffs and sitting inside police cars. My student said that virtually all of his teachers, in talking to students about this situation during classes, have “sided” with the illegal aliens or sympathizers there-with in the situation, and he does not at all understand why this is so.


Kristinn Taylor at Free Republic announces “Take an American Flag to Work Day, Thursday, April 6, 2006:”

How it works is simple: Proudly carry an American flag with you wherever you are in public. Small parade style flags on sticks would work best for those who commute by bus or subway and those who walk to work. Carry it around with you when you go out for lunch and when you leave work.

Wear red, white and blue patriotic attire. Fly the American flag at your home. Fly an American flag from your car antenna. Tape an American flag in your car window. The goal is to have Old Glory be given the prominence it deserves and to remind everyone–politicians, illegal aliens and their enablers–that the American flag comes first in this country.

Folks have been clamoring for a march to respond to the pro-illegal alien marches. This is a way to do that without having to take time off from work and family responsibilities and still take a stand in public.

John McCain has been touting the pro-illegal alien marches as being effective in influencing polticians in Washington. Now’s your chance to exercise your influence.

Please pass this message along to everyone you know and every patriotic blogger you can think of. Contact any patriotic group you belong to. Contact your local media and talk radio shows. We don’t have George Soros to bankroll a publicity campaign. We just have us. Stand up for America and Old Glory this Thursday.

And every day.



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