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Dana Milbank: Clown
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***scroll for updates***

Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank turned up on an MSNBC show to talk about the Cheney accidental hunting trip shooting wearing this costume:


Download and watch the video (Windows Media .wmv file).

Hat tip: Tom Elia at The New Editor, who rightly raises his eyebrow at Milbank’s display of less-than-objective journalism.

What does the Post have to say about Milbank’s stunt?

Write the ombudsman: [email protected]


Now, imagine the MSM uproar if a reporter showed up for an interview with this bumper sticker (via Expose the Left) on his/her chest:


The Smoking Gun has the official Texas Parks and Wildlife Department report on the incident.

More reaction:

Scott E. writes, “I wondered why Keith Olberman was interviewing a parking lot

attendant. Turns out Dana Milbank had just finished up and forgot

to change. A clown indeed.”

Newsbusters’ Dave Pierre, “Think back to 1998. Imagine a female newspaper reporter (not an opinion columnist, but a reporter, mind you) showing up for a television interview dressed in a beret and looking like Monica Lewinsky. Or a male columnist wearing a Clinton wig and holding a cigar.”

ABP jibes, “I had no idea they were making tin foil hats in orange these days.”

Ed Morrissey:

No, this isn’t a tryout for America’s Worst-Dressed Nerds; it’s Milbank trying to be funny and only succeeding at being funny-looking. Since when do serious journalists pull stunts like this? Heck, most bloggers I know wouldn’t be dumb enough to dress like this on national TV even as a joke, not if they wanted to maintain any credibility.


Update: The new guys at Wonkette make a Capitol Fashion Police arrest.


Flashback: John Miller on Milbank’s opinion journalism.

Flashback: Oh, That Liberal Media on Milbank’s whining.

Flashback: MRC on Milbank and “the facts”

Flashback: Professor Bainbridge on Milbank’s tripe.

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