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The Mohammed Cartoon Blogburst
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Blogger E.L. Core e-mailed me with an excellent idea for a Mohammed Cartoons “Blogburst“:

Hi, Michelle. I’m sure I’m not the only small-time blogger who decided to post the cartoons. I actually came out of an indefinite blog suspension just to do that. Maybe you could invite other bloggers to send you a link to their cartoon blog entry, and we could all start linking to them?

Ok. Let’s do it. If you’ve posted some or all of the forbidden Mohammed cartoons on your blog in support of Denmark and the Jyllands-Posten, send a track back or e-mail me your link. It’ll actually be a very useful road map for the enormous number of Internet users around the world who are trying to find the cartoons (just check Technorati and you’ll see what I’m talking about). I’ll get started with a few right now and keep adding as many links to this list as humanly possible:

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Jihad Watch

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Black Sheep Cafe

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Western Critic

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The Johnsville News

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The Citizen Journal

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Celestial Junk



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