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More China-Google Protest Logos
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Lots of new entries for the China Google Protest Logo Album coming in. Here’s the best of the second batch.

Posted at Discarded Lies:


Sent by reader Herman F.:


From Junkyard Blog’s Bryan Preston:


Sent by reader Jorrit P.:


Posted at SheepDog blog:


From The Unalienable Right blog:


From reader THW (a clever anagram of Google’s company slogan, “Don’t Be Evil”):


From Slapstick Politics blog:


And, here’s “See No Google” sent by reader Alpha Mu:


More at Swanky Conservative, John Roper, Pajama Hadin, The Business of American Business, RHOG.

Keep sending. I’ll keep posting.

On a non-satirical note, Kokunut Pundits has good advice on how to subvert China’s Google firewall.


And check this out, Google has tried to wipe its old non-censorship policy off its website. But Duane at The Forest for The Trees has saved the cached version.

Laurence Simon heaps it onto Google as only Laurence Simon can.

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