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Paul Mirecki: Curiouser and Curiouser
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There are more twists and turns in the strange case of University of Kansas professor Paul Mirecki. The Lawrence Journal-World reports:

Kansas University professor Paul Mirecki said he’s hired an attorney and is ready to go to the mat with KU and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“If I have to sue, I will,” he said.

Mirecki said he’s angry because KU didn’t back him after religious conservatives attacked him for his plan to teach a course dealing with intelligent design.

Mirecki became a political lightning rod after his new course was announced and his derisive comments on an Internet message board about conservative Christians and Catholics were later widely distributed.

His planned spring course was canceled. Still, some legislators said they would call Mirecki and KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway on the carpet for a public hearing.

On Wednesday the university announced Mirecki had resigned as chairman of the religious studies department. But Friday, Mirecki told the Journal-World he was forced to step down.

Kansas University religious studies professor Paul Mirecki displays on Friday the bruises that he says came from a beating two men gave him early Monday. He says the university has not been supportive of him through his ordeal.

“The University penalized me and denied me my Constitutionally protected right to speak and express my mind,” he wrote in a statement prepared for the newspaper. “I’ve become radioactive and the University’s administrators won’t support me.”

Mirecki said his career was ruined and that “speaking engagements that I had lined up now have been canceled.”

The Journal-World has published a new photo of Mirecki with bruises he allegedly suffered at the hands of two unidentified white male assailants.

Click here.

Mirecki is unhappy with the direction of the sheriff’s investigation:

He said he was not pleased with the sheriff’s investigation because he had been “treated more like a criminal than a victim.”

He said he was interviewed by officers several times, “once for five hours straight. They keep asking me the same things over and over. They seized my car; they entered my office and seized my computer. They said they need them for their investigation but it didn’t make any sense to me.”

Indeed, there are a lot of things that don’t seem to make sense about the case. Let’s hope the sheriff’s office can figure it all out and punish whoever caused those injuries to Paul Mirecki.


Mike Adams is also on the case.

Lucianne’s commenters remain skeptical.



What happened to Paul Mirecki?

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