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The War Against Christmas
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Well, now that Thanksgiving’s over, the anti-Christmas season has begun. Darleen Click shares the latest salvo.

John Gibson’s book is chockful of similar examples of secularists gone wild.


Ann’s Fuse Box investigates the USPS Christmas stamp issue.

Reader Mary M. also made a phone call:

I read your entry about religious stamps not being offered anymore, so I, too, went to their website to investigate. I called the number given for customer service and spoke with a rep who gave me a different answer than what is reported in one of your trackbacks. He told me (after making me wait while he investigated) that they had decided to stop offering ‘heavily religiously’ themed stamps to avoid any legal constitutional issues. He also stated that they were ending the practice because if they “did it for one, they’d have to do it for all.” I challenged him on both these points and he simply wouldn’t discuss it any further.

So it may be innocuous; but it may not be….the truth is yet to be fully discovered…

Ann Althouse and Darleen’s Place update here.

The Commissar spoofs here.


Boston will have a Christmas tree, after all.

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