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Open Borders, Dead Cops
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More bloody consequences of lax immigration enforcement…from Dallas, Tx., via the Dallas Morning News:

Marta Cruz had told police that her ex-boyfriend had been threatening her for weeks.

But as he emptied his handgun in an act of rage early Sunday, police say, his last bullet found another victim.

Dallas police Officer Brian Jackson died of a gunshot wound to his right underarm suffered in a gunfight on Madera Street near North Henderson Avenue in Old East Dallas.

Dallas police officers help secure the scene in the 2400 block of Madera in the area where a police pursuit turned deadly.

“He was proud to be a cop. He did his job with a lot of emotion and passion,” Police Chief David Kunkle said.

Officer Jackson was the 76th Dallas police officer to die in the line of duty and the first officer slain since November 2001.

Officer Jackson came to the department in January 2001 from Rhode Island. He married JoAnn DeMello Jackson in August.

Juan Lizcano, a 28-year-old Mexican immigrant, was being held at Lew Sterrett Justice Center on charges of capital murder and aggravated assault. Bail was set at $1 million and $25,000, respectively.

The Dallas Morning News does not mention in the above-linked story that Lizcano has been here illegally for the past two years, and had at least two prior run-ins with the law. According to WFAA, he was “first booked in September for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend with a knife. Six days later, he posed again for a mug shot for a charge of driving while intoxicated.”

Officer Jackson was a Rhode Island native. His hometown paper has background here. An excerpt:

“(Brian) was killed in the line of duty, doing the job he loved, helping to secure the safety of the citizens of Dallas,” Jackson’s parents wrote in a prepared statement released on Sunday. “He will be remembered for his good sense of humor, his sense of duty and his love for his family.”

Jackson was a Kingston Fire Department volunteer and member of the University of Rhode Island Ambulance Corps. A graduate of Portsmouth High School and URI, he had been married only two months to former Charlestown Ambulance member JoAnn DeMello – who works as a pediatric respiratory therapist in the Dallas area.

The couple had just returned from a delayed honeymoon trip to Hawaii, according to Jackson’s family.

Jackson joined Charlestown Ambulance as an EMT volunteer in 1995, and later became a part-time reserve officer in 1998 following his completion of the department’s training program, McMahon said.

McMahon described Jackson as “a very dedicated, public service-oriented person.”

“It’s a shame, it’s awful,” he said on Sunday night. “His life is over, and her (DeMello’s) life has been turned upside down.”


Officer Brian Jackson, R.I.P.

I’m checking out reports that Lizcano was yet another beneficiary of catch-and-release immigration loopholes. Will pass on anything I learn.


More border security blogging at The Immigration Blog.



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